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40% Stock Market Crash in October??

Posted on the 03 October 2013 by Adask

October Stock Market Surprise [courtesy Google Images]

October Stock Market Surprise
[courtesy Google Images]

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This much seems true:  Dr.Bill H. Weld is a Las Vegas attorney who has his own law firm.  That being so, the man would have to be mentally deranged to publicize the following fantastic claims as a hoax.  If his warnings for this month turn out to be false, he’ll have trouble finding work as a traffic ticket defense attorney.

•  In his first video (published August 20, A.D. 2013), Dr. Weld warns that, according to his “sources,” something “big” is coming–but probably not until A.D. 2014.

This first video is interesting, but unremarkable.  It sounds like any one of hundreds of other “conspiracy theory” videos.  The sky is definitely going to fall, but not just yet.

If you listen to this first video, pay particular attention to the strength of Dr. Weld’s voice.

video   00:13:11

•  In his second video (published one month later, on September 23rd, A.D. 2013), his warnings become far more urgent.  

He claims to now know what the “something big” is:  a stock market crash which will causes stocks to lose 40% of their current value in about one week’s time.  The crash is intended by government and will be used as a pretext to usher in martial law.  

More, he claims to know when the crash will take place–about the middle of this month–October.  

(I’m trying to recall if there’s been a year in the past 23 when I didn’t hear a conspiracy theory that was predicted to take place in an “October Surprise”.  So far, the only thing surprising about the “October Surprises” is fact that none of them have taken place.  That doesn’t prove that Dr. Weld’s warnings are false, but it makes me wonder.)    

Of the three videos available from Dr. Weld, this second is the one to listen to.

I’m not saying that Dr. Weld’s predictions are credible.  You can Google his name on the internet and make up your own mind.  But something about his presentation “rings my bell” and I think he might be credible.  Given that possibility and the magnitude of his warnings, I feel compelled to make this information available.

Of course, if Dr. Weld’s warnings turn out to be false, I may soon look like a fool–but it wouldn’t be the first time.  Therefore, I recommend that you take it all with salt–but I also recommend that you consider his warnings.  (Note how much the strength in his voice has declined as compared to the first video.)

video   00:04:48

•  In his third video (published on September 30th, A.D. 2013, one week after the second), Dr. Weld claims to have had kidney disease for the past two years.  He says he’s on a transplant list, but also recognizes that his time may be “short”.  He claims that after he published his second video (above), he received threats from former friends (who were his “sources” for the second video) and told that he’d better “shut up”.  He says that, in part, because he’s facing death from kidney disease, he’s not going to be intimidated.

This third video doesn’t offer much additional information about the possible stock market crash in the next few weeks, but it does provide some insight into Dr. Weld’s disease, how he met his “sources,” and his own circumstances.  If these videos are part of an elaborate hoax, Dr. Weld is going to a lot of trouble to deceive and must expect that his reputation and his law firm’s business will be ruined by any coming exposure for fraud or even mistake.

More, if you compare the strength of his voice and his need to take “breaks” in each of the three videos, you’ll hear evidence of rapidly declining health and energy.  I’m no doctor, but Bill Weld’s presentations suggest that he may be failing fast.  If he doesn’t get a kidney transplant soon, he sounds like he might pass before the end of this year, perhaps even before the end of this month.

I recognize that, if these videos are part of an elaborate hoax, the perpetrator could fake his illness and seemingly rapid decline. I even recognize that if he’s truly dying, that calamity might be enough to “push him over the edge” and drive him to perpetrate a hoax before he expires.  Maybe he’s always been a practical joker, and these videos are his last big joke.  They’ll all laugh about it at his funeral.

But I doubt that’s happening.  I view this third video as support for Dr. Weld’s credibility.  I think the man is telling the truth insofar as he knows it.

video    00:09:49

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