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4 Ways to Eat Healthier Away from Home

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Eating out can be a tricky affair when you are trying to eat healthy or lose weight. Made even tougher by the tempting menus on offer in your local restaurant, coffee shop or take away. These foods though tasty are loaded with calories, saturated fats and sugars which can sabotage your healthy eating plans.

There are some ways you can stick to your plan and still enjoy the opportunity to eat out when it arises and here are 4 tips to do so.

4 Ways to Eat Healthier Away from Home

1.  What sauce does that come with:

So you have just sat down in your favorite restaurant and you’re carefully reading the menu to see what takes your fancy. What are the signs that your chosen meal may be high in calories? Well the sauce is often the giveaway. If your meal comes with a cream or butter sauce then you better be prepared for a calorie overload.

But don’t forget you are dining out maybe for the first time in a long time so you can splurge a bit, but you don’t want to be counting the cost in the days to come. So why not ask the waiter for a smaller portion of sauce or even better, ask if they can bring it in side dish. This way you can limit the amount you add to your plate.

2.  Playing it safe:

A chef’s job is to produce food that tastes good and what is their favorite way of doing that? Yes you guessed it, it’s by not scrimping on the butter and cream. Add enough of either and any dish will taste great. But you will pay the price when it comes to counting the calories.

So when in doubt go for the raw options, now I’m not asking you to eat steak tartar or sushi but why not ask for a salad to accompany your main meal instead of roasted or sautéed vegetables

3.  What are you drinking?

This one can be a mind field and sweet beverages can contain a jaw dropping amount of calories. So the best thing to do is to play it safe and stick with what you know, water, black coffee and tea. These might not be the most exciting choices on the menu but they won’t have you feeling guilty the following day.

4.  Portion sizes:

Have you ever felt embarrassed  when your meal is being served to you and in front of you is placed what seems to be a mountain of food. I can assure you the first thought that will run through your head is how will I ever finish this? And that is the problem. Many of us think, well I’ve paid for it so I’m going to eat it and that is the wrong attitude to take.

Instead ask for a smaller portion size and if that doesn’t work try to portion the food that is one your plate and only eat what you consider to be a satisfying meal. And if all else fails then why not ask for a doggy bag, you are paying for it right!

And finally, you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t mentioned desert and I’m not going to because that’s your decision. Dieting and eating healthy is not about denying yourself a little splurge now and again. It’s about the food you eat, knowing what goes into it and eating in moderation.


We hoped you enjoyed this article which been provided to us by Jean the owner of a site dedicated to the fun and colorful world of bento boxes. Which are a great way to brighten up your lunch time

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