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4 Ways a Blog Can Grow a Consulting Business

Posted on the 18 February 2015 by Dfennell @BloggerGo


Growing a consulting business in the digital realm doesn’t have to be a difficult task. By properly utilizing free and low cost marketing tools such as blogs, articles, and social media, a little effort can go a long way. Business consultants are already well aware how important constant communication is with clients, but may underestimate new media’s role is in the business world. According to an article on Entrepreneur, U.S. businesses spend more than $12 billion dollars on consulting each year. These numbers are good news for would-be consultants, but this also means healthy competition in the industry. Break out with a blog to get noticed! New consultants will be amazed at the reach they experience with this one important social medium. Here are four ways blogging can grow a consulting business from the ground up.

  1. Network to Make Contacts

Growing a consulting business, whether it specializes in fashion, interior design or computers, means connecting with others in the industry in a meaningful way. Consultants too often allow their competition to bury them in the early years, until they learn to embrace competition and get a foot in the door by staying current on industry happenings. It’s important that a new consulting business takes the opportunity to learn from experts, embrace innovative ideas and capitalizing on fresh approaches to business through networking. Keeping up with the latest in SEO and blogging means staying one step ahead of the competition.

  1. Flesh Out Solutions

When companies optimize their digital marketing strategies through the addition of blogging, consultants can directly impact their business’ ability to take on new services, provide a unique customer experience and boost their bottom line, says CSG International. By combining specific expertise with the ability to communicate via daily blogs, consultants are able to better reach their highest potential as a business owner.

  1. Show a Softer Side

Growing a company can be a very serious business, but it can benefit consultants to show their softer side. This can be achieved easily through blogging, which is a more informal style of writing that can endear them to their readers and clients. Consultants should not be afraid to let their clients know they’re human, says John Rampton, President of Adogy, a marketing agency in Palo Alto, California. Consultants should post often, respond to queries or comments, and interact with their audience at regular intervals as these people will help grow a business.

  1. Become The Trusted Authority

The challenge for many consultants is remaining approachable while still establishing themselves as highly knowledgeable in their field. Consultants who remain accessible via their blogs have a good platform for proving their authority on the subject. Even the most active of blogging consultants must establish and constantly reaffirm their credibility. Business owners should not only blog consistently, but also publish white papers, add links, recommend podcasts and promote any published books, in order to present a sense of authority, recommends author Brian Horn in an article on the Huffington Post.

The above points are vital to growing a consulting business of any kind, but the key is to stay visible and stay knowledgeable. Consultants shouldn’t be afraid to defer to the expertise of other consultants when warranted but establish themselves as the foremost authority in their industry through consistent blogging.

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