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4 Tips for Surviving Coronavirus Lockdown

By Mariealicerayner @MarieRynr

4 Tips for Surviving Coronavirus Lockdown 
4 Tips for Surviving Coronavirus Lockdown 

Coronavirus pandemic has changed the lives of billions of people from all across the world, and sadly, it is not going away anytime soon. A lot of people who are living in highly affected areas have been under strict lockdown and advised by the government to leave the house only if it is absolutely necessary. We have also been forced to work from home and avoid all the outdoor activities we used to love doing on a daily basis. Staying under a lockdown is not something people are used to. At times it can be hard to deal with the lockdown, but we need to understand that it is in our best interest and that it is always better to be safe than sorry. So, in order to help you survive this lockdown I have mentioned a few tips in this article that will come in handy for you. 
Let’s have a look: 

Shopping For Necessities 

Just because we are in lockdown and cannot go out, it does not mean that we cannot shop during the lockdown. If you are one of those people who prefer to shop at stores, then you can wait for the virus to go away, or you can just shop online on a trusted e-commerce store. While you can wait for clothes and other items, there are things like groceries and food for which you will need to shop every other day. If you are in New York City, I will recommend you to check out who delivers groceries at your doorsteps the very same day you order. Otherwise, you can order in bulk from any other e-commerce store that will deliver to you in just a few days. Also, if it becomes necessary for you to go out to the store for grocery shopping, make sure you cover yourself and follow the SOPs for your own good.  
4 Tips for Surviving Coronavirus Lockdown

Online Hangouts

Staying home all the time can get very exhausting and mentally tiring, especially if you live alone. You are not allowed to hang out with your friends anymore at your favorite café, and you cannot grab a drink with your coworkers after a hectic day at work. But thanks to technology, you can still keep in touch with your friends and family with the help of social media apps. You can engage in conference calls with all your friends using zoom or Skype, or you can also play online games with them to keep the fun going. Also, don’t forget to share your day to day stories on your Instagram as it will help you stay connected with your friends.  
4 Tips for Surviving Coronavirus Lockdown

Get Some Exercise

If you like to keep yourself fit, then don’t worry about the lockdown, as you can do that from the comfort of your home as well. You don’t need to go to the gym or go on a run to keep yourself fit. You can do that by doing the simplest of the bodyweight exercises at home. These days you can find hundreds of apps available on Playstore that can help you create a home workout plan. You can follow those to keep your mind and body healthy. 
4 Tips for Surviving Coronavirus Lockdown

Watch Netflix

Well, you cannot go out to the movies either, but that does not mean you cannot consume new content. Netflix has plenty of new shows and movies coming out every month, and you can find all kinds of different genres there. From comedy and drama to action and mystery, you will be able to find plenty of movies on Netflix. You can also use a Netflix watch party and can watch the movies along with your friends without either of you leaving their homes.

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