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4 Tips for Men & Women to Keep Your Private Parts Clean – Let’s Talk Hygiene

By Shivalisingla

In India, private parts sanitation and cleanliness is still an undiscussed topic. People still feel awkward and hesitate to talk about it whether it’s about men or Women Private part. In extreme cases, it is still a taboo for the majority of people. The absence of sex education makes it worse.

However private part cleanliness is very essential for men as well as women and needs to our attention. In the following, I have discussed some of the tried and tested ways to keep your genital parts clean and healthy.

4 Tips for Men Private Part Hygiene & Care

1. Self Grooming: The very first and most important step towards your genital cleanliness is to shave /groom it. If you have hair clippers use it. You should keep the depth to half to one inch. It suits all the men around the globe. Trim carefully all the way around and under for a neat and clean feeling.

If you are not having a hair clipper you can use a sharp pair of scissors. Some people choose the complete shaving of the hair. Before shaving keep note that it will get itchy after some days and before shaving you have soak, trim and lather that hair.

2. Soap it up: It is very much important to clean your sexual parts properly with soap, especially plain water daily. You have to be scrub it from beginning to tail and all the parts around properly. If you are circumcised, you should care more for the exposed area.

3. Rinse: Nobody wants a soapy remaining in his private parts. Some people enjoy a natural smell from their partners. When in doubt it’s a good idea to favor neutral over the artificial smell.

4. Clean Underwear/Innerwear: Keep your underwear always clean. This is a very basic step against genital infections and uncleanliness. Make sure to dry them completely before wearing them.

4 Tips for Women Private Part Hygiene & Care

1.Groom: Trim your pubic hair. Do this before you shower so all the remaining goes away with shower. If you have clippers use it. Set the depth to half to one inch. Trim all around your vagina to keep it clean. If you don’t have a clipper you can use sharp scissors.

Some people like it completely clean. If you are among them, you can shave it thoroughly to feel ultimate sanitation. Before doing it you should consider asking your partner about it too.

2. Soap it up: Women need to give extra attention to their genital parts as they are the most vulnerable to infections and diseases. Apply unscented soap on your pubic mound daily, scrub it thoroughly and wash it daily.

You shouldn’t apply soap on your labia or in your vagina. This can lead to irritation and infections. Ensure to rinse it off completely. Make sure you don’t leave any foam or soap in your genitals. It may be not desirable by your partner too.

3. Use Sanitary Napkins: You must use sanitary napkins when you are going through periods. You should do clean and rinse every time you change napkins.

4. Clean Underwear/Innerwear: You should always wear dry and clean underwear so that you don’t allow any infections and bacterial growth in your private parts.

In the end, it’s very crucial for people to be aware of the need for sex education as well as private part cleanliness. You might like to check out Live Sex Cams & Pornstar Database for more knowledge. 

Moreover, I hope this article has given you some information to start off with intimate hygiene, cleanliness & personal care. Ensure making right choices and share the information if you like it.

Until then, take good care of yourself


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