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4 Steps to Acne Free Skin

By Null Null

4 Steps to Acne Free Skin

Today’s guest post is by Michelle Star of Thea Skincare, an online retailer of 100% natural skincare products. Enjoy!

Follow these tips to achieve beautiful, clear skin. Image by Sleepyjeanie

Acne is a common skincare condition but one which is feared by many people, both men and women alike of all age groups. It can leave your skin looking unhealthy and dull, and can cause redness and scars that can last a lifetime. Acne has a massive impact on the confidence and self-esteem of many people, and it’s not just limited to teenagers – it can continue well into your thirties, forties and even fifties!

Luckily, whilst there is no miracle cure, you can greatly reduce the severity of acne with some simple skincare and lifestyle changes. You need to keep your skin healthy, clean and fresh, preventing your pores from becoming clogged which is the leading cause of spots.

Below are my top 4 tips on how to prevent acne breakouts from occurring…

  • Firstly, the most important tip is to cleanse your face twice a day! No, just because you’re tired, that’s not reason enough to fall asleep with your makeup on. Cleansing regularly should be an integral part of your skincare routine to keep your skin free from spot-causing bacteria and other impurities. Use a cleanser that is appropriate for your skin type – a dry skin cleanser on oily skin for example can lead to even more oil! It is also important to realise that washing your face any more than twice a day can irritate the skin and make it appear dry and dull. In fact, your skin can get so dry from over-cleansing that it compensates by producing yet more oil, creating a vicious circle. Twice a day is the perfect amount to wash your face.
  • You should change your pillowcase frequently to prevent your skin from touching fabrics which may have bacteria on them, caused by sweat or sleeping in makeup. The bacteria will go from the pillow to your skin, causing spots – if you always sleep on a particular side of your face you may even notice you get spots more on the side that touches the pillow! Wash your pillowcase once a week preferably, and remember to wash all towels and fabric face cloths regularly too with a mild, non-irritating detergent.
  • Did you know talking on your mobile could be giving you spots? You should regularly clean your mobile phone, glasses and other things which constantly come into contact with your face using a cleaning spray or wipe which kills bacteria and will remove dirt – but not such a harsh one that it irritates your skin. If you have a fringe, even this can be causing spots by touching your skin all day, so keep it clean girl!
  • You should also wash your hands before touching your face, for example to cleanse it or to apply make-up. Germs, bacteria and dirt can become present on your hands throughout the day from carrying out your normal daily chores, and will be transferred to your skin every time you touch it. If you suffer from particularly bad acne you may even want to monitor how many times per day you touch your face out of habit – you could be making the problem a lot worse!

What is your favourite anti acne or oily skin care product?

Michelle Star writes for Thea Skincare, an online retailer of 100% natural skincare products including a range designed to target acne and oily skin naturally.

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