4 Questions to Ask ERP Partner Before Starting Implementation

Posted on the 23 October 2018 by Samwillam


The execution of an ERP or Enterprise resource planning usually entails setting up the project management software, moving the financial information over to the new structure, configuring the processes as well as the users, and offering the required training to the users to use the software effectively. Primarily, choosing the exact ERP partner for putting your ERP system into practice is almost as vital as choosing the correct software.

It is very important that like with any big project, it is essential for you to consider things one by one. This means that asking questions from your ERP partner before implementing the ERP process is a shrewd and better option. This is for the reason that it will allow you to implement the process calmly and successfully. Here are the four common questions you have to ask about your ERP partner before you start implementing it.

1. Do you have the A players for the project implementation?

This means that it is vital that you need a right project team from your organization to implement the project successfully. It is a tricky process to identify and free the team, so you have to construct an effective strategy and backfill the inside resources to make the most of the project. As an extra resource, you can include a third party Microsoft dynamics nav partner and a vendor consultant to offer you the best probability for success.

2. What is the business case or validation?

Successful organizations will usually measure their business case and will evaluate their expected return on investment. Justify your ERP implementation as the one you have to do. However, ensure that you have examined and considered the latent business benefits as vigilantly as you have the expenses. Senior management will be seeking proven metrics, and these factors will influence the success or failure of the project.

3. How are you going to integrate the ERP system to the other third-party classifications?

Most businesses will be incapable of dealing with their entire range of business requirements by making use of a single enterprise resource planning system. Therefore, if you are going to implement an ERP system in your business, it is vital to define how you are going to integrate it into the ERP systems of the third party. It is also vital for you to define the overarching structural design of the Microsoft business solutions so you will get a simple way of deploying a comprehensive solution across your project. Moreover, to have better supremacy and control over your ERP implementation project, your project contract is supposed to mention clearly what all are the required controls that you are going to have in position, how you are going to make a knowledgeable decision, and what are all the decisions or problems you are going to escalate to your navigation team. Project governance and controls play a vital role in making any ERP implementation project success, irrespective of its size.

4. What revolutionize management plans and techniques you are going to deploy?

Nearly all system integrators, software vendors, as well as ERP counselors, are mournfully underprepared to deal with the organizational change administration activities that are greatly needed to make the ERP implementation project a successful one. Therefore, it is very important for you to deal it with either through the self-determining third-party Microsoft dynamics nav partner or through your internal resources to make a successful and effective organizational change, like Panorama. It is also vital for you to assess your ERP implementation project at customary intervals. Therefore, be certain to discover key objectives and decisive factors along the way that are important to your project. This will make sure that you will make the necessary corrections prior to things getting away from the track.


While choosing and implementing the new ERP project management software, it is vital and necessary for you to reduce speed and take your own time to construct a solid base prior to embarking on its implementation. You can achieve this by asking the above-mentioned four questions from your ERP partner prior to starting its implementation. However, these questions may vary from company to company, meaning there are no best-fit Microsoft business solutions for all businesses. The most excellent way is to locate a competent independent specialist to cover your entire bases. This will aid you considerably in defining the answers as well as assisting to offer you the guarantee that nothing important factor is missed while implementing the project.

Here are the some of the important questions that one must ask from the service provider before ERP implementation.

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