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4 New Ways to Get to Know Each Other

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

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Sometimes you may feel like you know everything about your partner from their favorite snacks to their favorite color and shoe size, but there are totally still things to discover about one another. Here’s a few ways to get to know one another beyond the typical Q and A and you’ll have fun doing them!
Dig up those yearbooks.

Do you know what your partner was like in high school? You probably only know what they told you. It was probably something along the basic lines of popularity, if they played sports and if they were in the National Honor Society or something like that. Let’s dig a little deeper! Pop open a bottle of wine, pull out your yearbooks and go through them together. You’ll start remembering the clubs and plays you participated in, who your best friends were and what other people thought of you when you’re flipping through those pages and reading the notes. Dusting off those memories is bound to bring up some funny stories about each other that you may have forgotten about over the years.

Get busy in the kitchen.
Hit the grocery store and grab some ingredients – it’s time to make your favorite dish! Don’t tell each other just yet what it’s going to be. Just show up in the kitchen with your groceries and get to cooking. It’s not only interesting to see your partner’s style in the kitchen – are they messy, super tidy, dropping things all over the place, but you also get to see their favorite food made by them. You can find out if they are a good cook, like to make gourmet meals or the extent of their kitchen skills may have not changed since they were 18 and broke. Whatever the case, it’ll be a fun and (hopefully) tasty experiment!

Favorite childhood movie night.
Remember when you were young and you watched that one movie on repeat? You know the one your parents probably hid from you because if they heard the soundtrack one more time they would throw it out the window. Both of you should find your favorite childhood movie and have a movie night. It’s probably been a long time since you’ve seen that movie last and you might even find it ridiculous now. Sharing these things with each other helps them get a glimpse of what you were like growing up and it’s a great blast from the past for you, too!

Books exchange.
Your favorite book says a lot about you. Do you like light, funny quick reads? Or maybe you’re into the classics? Science fiction and fantasy more your taste? Whatever it may be, you should give your significant other a copy and get a copy of their favorite book. You’ll probably  learn a lot from this and you’ll have something completely new to discuss over dinner. It’ll be your personal book club for two – what happens after is purely up to you!

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