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4 Necessary Articles for Your Health and Fitness Blog

Posted on the 12 September 2015 by Dfennell @BloggerGo


Congratulations on starting your blog! Those first few posts are going to be a huge influence on what kind of following you generate. Are you trying to focus on one group of people or the wider athletic crowd? No matter your precise focus, with an overarching theme like “health and fitness” you are going to need to cover a few topics. Included here are a few of the most important articles for your new blog.

Athletic Clothing Style

No one wants to go to the gym looking like they ended up there by accident. Walking into a workout looking the part will help influence your psyche to get in the mood to move. Choose properly fitting athletic clothes to accent the type of workout you are pursuing. Don’t forget a great fitness tracker and your headphones, too!

As the blogger, you want to highlight your favorite brands or styles of clothing that you prefer. You may be able to receive sponsorship for this article from an athletic company. Consider getting promotion and be sure to list pros and cons of each brand. Finding companies that offer lifetime warranties is always beneficial to support a lifelong healthy exercising habit.

Healthy Eats

The other biggest aspect to a healthy life is your diet. With a rising obesity epidemic, it is obvious that many people are not consuming foods appropriate to their nutritional needs. Some people do not know their daily caloric counts or required vitamin and nutrient intakes.

As a blogger, you can easily offer many healthy recipes that will aid each person on their journey to wellness. Be sure you try each recipe before you post it so you can share personal successes and failures with pictures. This is a great opportunity to increase your personal credibility with the reader and boost views.

Motivational Tips to Workout

Everyone needs a little motivation to get out and moving. A great health and fitness blogger should be able to influence their readers to get up and go. This means offering inspirational quotes, sharing your own personal shortcomings and being available to reboot your readers. You need to be transparent about your failures as well as your successes so you can appear real to readers.

Ideal Ways to Prime for and Repair after Workouts

Often, individuals will fail in their workouts because they fail to prime their bodies. By offering your foolproof ideas of how to prime for a workout, you can ensure your readers have fueled muscles to accomplish their goals.

Don’t forget to share the best ways to cool down and repair muscles after a long workout. This can be tricks like heat and ice, best replenishing foods or stretches. Make sure your readers are equipped to keep their bodies healthy throughout their fitness journey and you will aid in their own success as well as loyalty to your blog.

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