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4 Days to a Forever Marriage Book Review

By Upatdawn @lisakeva

4 Days to a Forever Marriage Book Review

4 Days to a Forever Marriage

"Is it really that simple --- love or anger?

Sure.  The secret is in navigating the choices in a way that fosters read and meaningful communication.  No time limit or special resources required - this is a solution for everyday marriage, dealing with the messy to the mundane, all with the goal of making sure you get the marriage you want and need.

What Makes this Book Different

*Offers a non-situational approach that can work for any marriage.  Seriously - any marriage!  Master these two responses and it will help you survive life's crises with your relationship even stronger than before.
*Expertise form years of experience mentoring and counseling thousands of couples with all ranges of challenges - the Smalley's have seen and heard it all.

*Tips from an experienced couple who have survived multiple marriage seasons of their own:  courtship, early challenges, raising children, health, ministry and even financial pressures.

*An honest, open presentation from a ministry focused for decades on achieving marital success.

Special Book Features:
 *  Practical steps for him and for her - with a great mix of helpful biblical wisdom.
 *  A two-person perspective from Gary and Norma - giving both sides of the issues from their          own challenges and the insight that helped them resolve it.
  *  Directed introspection for you at the end of each chapter - and specialized guidance for every season of marriage.
 *  Tweet-style insights sprinkled throughout - quick and easy tidbits for your daily inspiration!
  *  Advice for:  finding time to speak with your spouse, romantic ideas for $20 of less, Smalley fighting rules, the power of dreams, and much more!"

4 Days to a Forever Marriage is composed of 4 primary chapters that are each broken down into a section for the husband and for the wife.  Also included are reflections and separate questions for each to work through on their own and then to discuss.
Chapter topics include:
*Loving Words and Actions
*Communication and Resolving Anger
"If a husband and wife are going to keep happily together for a lifetime, they simply must learn to give, ask for and receive forgiveness."

"Anger creates distance and distance destroys relationships."

*Affection and Intimacy
"When you and your spouse agree to live in oneness, you're consequently willing to spend more time listening and discussing in order to resolve important issues and so build intimacy."

*Trials and Treasures
Learn and reflect on three principles through tough times.
The Smalley's share candidly about the ups and downs in their 40+ year marriage.  I really like the "Smalley Fighting Rules" which could also be called, "How to work out a situation guided by the Holy Spirit with the end result of unity in mind".
My only "issue" with this book is that the pages are too nice to actually be written on.  We chose to use a notebook instead to answer our questions.
I admit that I read through this book first before doing it as a study with my husband.  So far, we are both enjoying it and will continue on with it.
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