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4 Crucial Tips to Get More Views for Video Content

Posted on the 21 November 2016 by Savita Singh @Compgeekblog

Going off the stats alone it is undeniable that adding to your blog. Videos can help you to gain more traffic, ensure visitors spend more time browsing your video content, engage your audience, and improve your conversion rates. Here are the tips you can read out that how to increase blog traffic in a month.

However to tap into all that potential you need to make sure that your video content are getting enough views - and that doesn't happen by magic. Just like most people I learnt the hard way that if I wanted to know that how to increase youtube views or you can say that how my video content to get more views I'd have to do something about it - and these are the 4 things that helped most:

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    Tell people why they should watch the video in the headline

Trust me you could have the best video in the world but it wouldn't matter if the headline doesn't tell people why they should watch the video. Crafting good headlines can be difficult, but as a rule of thumb you should try to generate an emotional response and focus on the key benefit that viewers will gain by watching your video.

    Make sure the thumbnail is interesting

The other big factor that is going to directly impact whether or not people click 'Play' on your videos is the thumbnail. It should be something interesting, compelling, and possibly even ties into the headline and illustrates the reason why your audience should want to watch the video.

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Honestly speaking as much as you want people to visit your blog and watch your videos, social media is where the real traffic is at - and you need to take advantage of it. What I did to promote my videos on social media was create shorter 'preview' versions of the videos and then publish and share it on social media with a link pointing back to my blog. How I create backlink for my blog and get huge traffic. There are many other social media tips to increase traffic on your blog, as listed below

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Make no mistake there's a learning curve involved in publishing videos on your blog - and you should embrace that. Use analytics to track the performance of every video and analyze what seems to be working as well as what doesn't seem to be working. As you go along you'll be able to use what you learn to produce better video content and also improve the amount of views that you're able to get by optimizing it.

If you're hung up and not sure how to create or edit videos, you should try Movavi Screen Capture Studio. It will let you record your screen and then edit the footage to produce professional-looking content.

Being screen recorder, you could use it as an SWF to MP4 converter to capture some of the funny SWF cartoons and Flash videos out there and incorporate it in your videos. Because Movavi Screen Capture Studio has a suite of editing features you will be able to tweak the footage to suit your needs.

The ease with which Movavi Screen Capture Studio will let you record and produce any kind of screen capture videos makes it something you should certainly pursue. With these tips and some great content, you should be able to really tap into the full potential of video.

4 Crucial Tips to Get More Views for Video Content

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