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By Theomnipotentq @TheMightyQuinn
An actrocious homestand came to an end on Wednesday afternoon with the precise reason why the Sox are in the dire straits they are.
Another crappy performance by Josh Beckett.
Beckett allowed three home runs, and eight runs in five innings, and was booed lustily as he left the field as Bobby Valentine mercifully pulled the plug on him. Allan at Joy of Sox wrote on his blog this afternoon (from ESPN's Jeremy Lundblad) that this is the seventh time Beckett has allowed eight or more runs in a start at Fenway in his career, tying Red Ruffing for the most ever in the live ball era.
Beyond awful.
The Sox actually bailed his ass out, tying the game in 7th on Will Middlebrooks' three-run shot at 9-9. But Texas grabbed the lead and the win in the 9th, on a sac fly by Adrian Beltre.
The offense showed some life today, but couldn't overcome a hole Beckett put them in. I dare you to give me one legitimate reason this guy should be in a Red Sox uniform in 2013.
After the two wins in New York on the last road trip, I sat down and looked at the upcoming homestand of ten games. It was a tough one, with Detroit and Texas on it. I figured they had to win at least seven of them (and eight would have been even better). Taking the first two against the Tigers gave me a slight bit of hope. But that was erased with the awful Minnesota series.
And the two losses to Texas makes the homestand a losing one at 4-6. If you can't win at home, how do you expect to have ANY playoff aspirations?

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