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3rd Quarter Newsletter 2013

By Elkgrovemilling



3rd Quarter Newsletter 2013

3rd Quarter 2013

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EGM Goes Green!

Stable Mix in 10 Steps

Feeding the Senior Horse

About Vitamins and Minerals

Rico’s Rescue Story

Hay Prices On The Rise



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STABLE MIX™ 100% of your horses daily requirement of nutrients in a convenient pellet feed your horses will love!

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Elk Grove Milling Stable Mix™

3rd Quarter Newsletter 2013

Elk Grove Milling Goes GREEN!

Earlier this year, the new Elk Grove Milling CHP (Combined Heat and Power) unit went online, making Elk Grove Milling its own power station and taking us off the city grid. Manufactured by Martin Machinery in Latham, Missouri, the CHP is a 1 megawatt power plant that provides all the power required to run Elk Grove Milling, Inc. This includes the motors for the pellet mills, 5 grinder motors, bagging, barreling and other equipment. The CHP enclosure also includes a boiler. The boiler will provide the essential steam used in the pelleting of all our products. The CHP unit provides Elk Grove Milling with all these benefits all the while being fueled by clean and green Natural Gas.


We, at Elk Grove Milling, Inc., take the guess work out of feeding your horse. We offer several different pelleted rations for your mature idle and light working horse (Stable Mix)*, to the moderating and hardworking horse (Sport Horse Mix), the senior (Senior Stable Mix)*, and even your newest addition to the herd, your foal (Get Go). Our pellets are designed to meet your horse’s daily nutritional needs. Each of these specific pelleted rations consist of proper protein content (ranging from 9% to 13.5%), hay (nutrient profile), almond hulls (super fiber), soybean meal (essential amino acids), rice bran (essential fatty acids), and the daily vitamins and minerals including essential amino acids for healthy hooves, coat, and overall health that every horse requires. 


Stable Mix cuts down on feed costs, waste, and aids in respiratory health by eliminating ammonia content from excess dietary protein. Check with your local feed store to try Stable Mix today.



Elk Grove Milling Staff


Stable Mix in 10 Steps

Step 1: The various ingredients such as mixed hay, alfalfa hay, rice bran, soybean meal and almond hulls are weighed, inspected and unloaded in specified areas at Elk Grove Milling, Inc.   Step 2: Each product has a specific formula which is converted to a mix card. The foreman instructs his crew to mix the ingredients, except the hay, together based on the specific mix card, going in by volume and weight.     Step 3: The mix is then put into a hopper which is volumetrically controlled. The mix is metered at 45% into the product stream where it is blended with the required types of hay as they go through the grinder.   Step 4: From the grinder, the complete mix including hays, is airlifted to the top of the mill where it drops into the meal bin, it sits here until fed into the conditioner.   Step 5: In the conditioner steam is introduced to the product while it continues to be mixed.   Step 6: The product is then dropped into the front of the pellet mill. The product is dropped into the center of the die, which consist of one die and two roller shells. The rollers are stationary as the die revolves, forcing the feed through the die and creating small, soft, pellets.   Step 7: The pellets then drop out of the die and are placed onto the hot pellet super flow which takes them to the hot pellet elevator. They are then lifted up and dropped into the top of the cooler. The cooler cools the pellets from the bottom using ambient air.  This removes some of the moisture and hardens the pellets.   Step 8: The cool, hard, pellets are then moved into a cleaner where broken pellets and fines are removed and sent back through the pelleting process.   Step 9: The final product is then moved to storage tanks for bagging, barreling or sent to tanks for bulk loads.     Step 10: Customers and orders come in and our crew packages the different products for purchase, shipment and delivery. The pellets are then ready to be fed to happy, healthy horses! YUM!

Feeding The Senior Horse

Feeding the senior horse can be tricky at times, especially when it comes winter time. Their body condition needs special attention…Here are a few keep points to help your senior horse along.


If you notice your senior horses body condition start to suffer, have your horses teeth checked every 6-12 months. Their teeth change as they age so the ability to chew and absorb the nutrients is crucial.  Also, their hay diet may not supply them with the nutrients that they require. Providing your senior horses forage intake as a hay pellet or in some cases switching the entire ration to a fortified complete feed containing quality sources of protein maybe beneficial.  


Other reasons for weight loss in the senior horse should also be considered that geriatric horses may no longer be able to hustle for position at shared feeders. They may get picked on by younger horses and a change of housing could be necessary. Also with age, arthritis can reduce their desire to get up and eat. These issues along with other can cause weight loss. Other management changes such as blanketing may help the issue. Blanketing can be beneficial as it allows them to maintain body temperature and conserve calories to maintain body weight.  


Spend time with your horse and observe how they act in their environment. Since senior horses don’t rebound as quickly, prevention is key. While a senior horse can take a little more care and attention to keep them fit and healthy they will reward your efforts with a special relationship that only a senior horse can offer.

Elk Grove Milling provides a number of feeding solutions for seniors. Stable Mix Senior is a fortified complete feed that when fed per recommendations will meet all your senior horse’s nutritional needs.


Vitamins and Minerals – What Are They Good For?

Vitamin A, C, promotes immune function

Vitamin D, promotes bone health

Vitamin E, promotes muscle tissue integrity


Fat provides energy, as do soluble carbohydrates.

The balance between calcium and phosphorus is important in maintaining bone quality.

Magnesium levels are important to ensure that a variety of enzymes throughout the body function properly.

Sulfur maintains hoof and hair quality.

Copper is for bone development and hemoglobin functions.

Zinc is for protein synthesis and metabolism.

Selenium is for maintaining healthy cell membranes.


Rico’s Rescue Story

3rd Quarter Newsletter 2013
A true life rescue story. BJ’s Hope was born to run but had a shortened career due to an injury to his left carpus in the Fall of 2010. This 2008 model had earned his keep by winning over $7,000 during his two year old career.  


His life turned for the worse as his owners left him in a muddy lot without food and wearing a non-waterproof blanket. Alana Courville, of SunFire Equestrian Training, heard about this horses situation and convinced the caretaker to relinquish ownership to her. She adopted the bay gelding in January 2011 with the name Rico. Alana had rescued 15 off the track Thoroughbreds, rehabbing them, incorporating them into my lesson program, and then finding them forever homes with my students. Rico was a different story. The amount of neglect was beyond what she had ever seen. His hooves had grown over his racing plates, after they removed the blanket they discovered horrible rain rot to his skin not to mention he was 300 pounds underweight and completely emaciated to near death. This gelding was only 2.


Rico after
With months of proper feeding and daily doctoring of rain rot he started to come back to life. The degree of his rain rot was a strain on his temperament. The pain he felt lead him to very little trust and not accepting human interaction until the healing process began. By summer his rain rot treatment was completed and he was allowed to be turned out with other geldings. She decided to see how accepting he would be to the first ride after what he had gone through and to her amazement his attitude drastically changed, very kind and friendly on the ground and a gentleman under saddle. Rico has blossomed into a wonderful 4 year old. He is uncomplicated, quiet, and safe under saddle. Alana is using his for beginner lessons and being half-leased by a student of hers. At his first event, Camelot Equestrian Park Horse Trials in April 2012, Rico and Bia took home first place in the Junior Beginner Novice division. We are so incredibly proud of our little Rico, and what a fine young horse he has become. He is still getting Stable Mix everyday and we never plan to stop! He is hands down a barn favorite!


Hay Prices On The Rise Have you seen hay costs lately? Having trouble getting a hay shipment?

Baled Hay

Try Stable Mix™… You will no longer have to add vitamins and other supplements your horse needs. He will get it all in a couple scoops of Stable Mix

and he will love it! Feeding time will be faster and more convenient. You will know exactly how much he’s eating and he won’t waste feed by scattering it

on the ground. There will be less waste to clean up!



chatan 2

I highly recommend Stable Mix! 

I’m going into my third year of feeding Elk Grove Stable Mix to my two endurance horses, Granite Chief+/ and Pro Bono (Chief and Bo). They have been doing extremely well in competition, and totally thrive on the stuff! I feed about ½ Stable Mix and ½ Grass/Alfalfa mix hay to them each day, broken up into several small feedings. This seems to work well for them and they have been healthy with no colics or any other health issues during this entire time…

Read More By Karen Chatan

mosteiro 2
Congratulations to Mindy Konradi who won the Ultimate Challenge on her Mustang – feeding Stable Mix! 

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