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{35 at 35: Fall in Love Again, Check!}

By Glasgow_mummy @glasgow_mummy
When I wrote my 35 at 35 list, I had no idea what the future had in store for me.
Here I am two and a half years down the line, and I am genuinely happy.
{35 at 35: Fall in love again, check!}
I also feel able & ready to tick off number 34 on the list, fall in love again.
My one issue was that I was struggling to say those three little words...
{35 at 35: Fall in love again, check!}{image source}
My sister kept texting me asking had I dropped the 'L-bomb' yet, and for every message I responded no. I was too scared.
So when is the right time to say I Love You?
I didn't want to be tipsy because I wanted R to know that I meant it, and that it wasn't just the gin talking! I also wanted it to be face-to-face rather than a text message, but see above re: being too scared. Being sober and saying 'I love you' to someone's face is not an easy thing to do! I'm really shy about these kinds of things and I sometimes struggle to talk about my feelings.
Anyway, in the end I didn't have the confidence to say it aloud, and decided instead to write a message in a card which I left under the duvet for R to find!
{35 at 35: Fall in love again, check!}I wish I had bought this card - we both love a cheesy pun! {image source}
I was there when he read it (which sort of makes it face-to-face, although I was hiding under the duvet in sheer embarrassment!?!) and as soon as he had finished reading my well thought out love letter (which I had scribbled 10 minutes earlier in the bathroom!!) he told me that he loved me too.
I also managed to finally say the words out loud too which is progress.
I think I'm scared of getting hurt again. But R & I have taken things slowly and I have waited until the time is right rather than rushing things. And I'm ever so happy :-)
{35 at 35: Fall in love again, check!}
{35 at 35: Fall in love again, check!}I thought this was very cute, and again another amusing pun!! {image source}
P.S Sorry for all the lovey-dovey chat, the cheese and the gushing!
P.P.S Have a great weekend folks! 

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