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30 Second Thursdays

By Samantha Curtis @hooahandhiccups
30 Second Thursdays
Welcome to 30 Second Thursdays!
Vlogs can be intimidating, or just downright embarrassing.
But don't lie, you can't stop watching them.
You wanna know what your favorite bloggers sound like, how they talk, see who they are...
Well this is a weekly link up that gives you just that.
30 seconds to answer the random question of the week.
These aren't your typical, "What inspires you to blog" questions...
These are off the wall, crazy questions...
Don't be scared, 30 seconds is a breeze.

So come link up with your hosts!

Kaitlyn // Wifessionals
Samantha // Hooah And Hiccups
Hallie // Life Oceanside


1// Follow your hosts via GFC
2// Link up your 30 second vlog answering that week's question. Vlog's have a 30 second (min) - 90 second (max) limit and must pertain to that week's topic or your link will be removed.
3// Have fun!! Visit other links and laugh at all the other vlogs.

Grab A Button!

30 Second Thursdays
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This week's question:

If you could have one song play every time you entered a room for the rest of your life, what would it be?
***You must enter into the room at the start of your video, to your song, & then tell why you chose that song...

And here I am!

I apologize for not eplaining this in the video, but we got carried away in our musical debut. I honestly have no reason for choosing this song, other than the fact that Bubba and I needed a duet. I tried to get Z involved and he politely declined. Maybe next time...

And so you can start filming your 30 second stint for next week -

Next week's question:

In honor of Valentine's Day, what is something that couples do in public that is totally barf-tastic? (gross PDA, weird actions, etc...)

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