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3 Ways to Wrap a Flower

By Thehousethatlarsbuilt @houselarsbuilt
3 Ways to wrap a flower
3 Ways to wrap a flower 3 Ways to wrap a flower 3 Ways to wrap a flower
3 Ways to wrap a flower 3 Ways to wrap a flower 3 Ways to wrap a flower
3 Ways to wrap a flower 3 Ways to wrap a flower I've been noticing the lovely Easter lilies at the supermarkets and looking for any excuse to get one, I thought it would be the perfect host gift as we're going to my brother and sister--in-law's house for the holiday. Plants from the supermarket always come in tacky foil colors so I thought a quick makeover was in order. You might already have everything you need to make it.
3 Ways to wrap a flower
Supplies: I picked up some kraft painter's paper ($2.50 for the roll!) at the hardware store, scissors, gold paint pen, Easter lilies (they're cheapest at the hardware store), glue gun
Paint it 
Step 1: Use the square foil that the flowers come in to measure the shape and cut to it.
Step 2: I wanted a starburst type pattern so I started in the corners making circles with my gold pen and coming inwards.
Step 3: To wrap it around the flower, place it in the middle and bring one corner up. Like a napkin, tuck the two sides under so that the corner is in the middle. I glue gunned mine in the creases to make it easier before tying the ribbon.
Step 4: Repeat to all sides.
Step 5: Secure with a ribbon.
Weave it
Step 1: Use the shape of the original foil to cut the strips (however big you'd like but I used about 1") to that length. Leave a little extra room. Lay them side by side to see that it fits the original square size.
Step 2: Start at one end by going in and out. Continue.
Step 3: When you get to the end, adjust the strips so that they fit snuggly together.
Step 4: I secured mine with glue gun at the edges.
Step 5: To fold, follow the same steps as above.
Cut it
Step 1: Cut the kraft paper larger than the original foil square. Cut two of these.
Step 2: Create your design. I emphasized the corners by making it the shape of a leaf and then scalloped the rest.
Step 3: Make some paper cuts to show off the design.
Step 4: Repeat the same process onto the second piece of paper.
Step 5: Wrap the plant the same way as above. You'll wrap the second paper around again, but space it out so that the leaf points spread around evenly.

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