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3 Ways To Style Your Salwars

By Alyssa Martinez @ItsMariaAlyssa

One of the most popular Indian Ethnic Wear after Saree is Salwar Kameez. It is the traditional wear for women in Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh but it is now popular all across the country. Even Bollywood celebrities have portrayed this attire in some of the most iconic scenes in the Indian cinema,   thereby popularizing this attire amongst the masses everywhere.

Fashion is the key driver of salwar suit designs and its variants. The attraction of an attire depends on the women’s style, what she wears, how she carries it. Let us take the example of the Navratri to explain. It is one of the most awaited festivals of the year. In Maharashtra and Gujarat, the grand Dandiya nights are where you get to look your best and show off your moves to the latest dance numbers. Not only does the traditional dhol and folk songs play through the night, but also the DJ plays the newest chartbusters in every locality. For such a grand occasion, you must have a grand look.

ways  to style your salwars

Way To Style Your Salwars (Salwar Kameez Design)

If you were to wear a traditional dress for a festive occasion, then salwar suits designs are the most desirable attire for Indian women. Ghaghra certainly is stylish, but the freedom of movement that is offered by salwar suits is not available with sarees or its counter parts. This is the reason why elegance has been redefined by the designs of salwar suits today. Some of the biggest designers in the country are creating their couture by modifying and enhancing the basic salwar suit designs. As a result, salwar kameez designs are popular not only in India but also across the world.

Therefore, if you are looking for the new styles, some of the most prominent online portals today offer some of the best crafted designs in the category. You do not have to rely on the store in your vicinity. All that is required is to explore the web and one would come across a huge variety and styles. Many of them might be experimental while the others are based on the popular demand. It is worth noticing that if a style looks good on a celebrity in a movie, it immediately catches the attention of the masses who constantly seek that design.

In the information age and a demand driven market, a person looking for salwar suit designs would find numerous options.

ways  to style your salwars

Styles in Salwar Kameez Designs

There is the straight suit style which is one of the most common styles known. However there have been hugely successful experiments done on this style using colors, patterns and different kinds of embroidery work. As a result, the straight suits are available in a huge variety and types.

Then there is the A style suit design which has been exceedingly popular among the contemporary stylists. This could be a sub category of the contemporary salwar kameez designs. These designs are experimental and do not follow an established norm. For example, one could find suit with a border of the kind that is found in the banarasi sarees. This is an aberration but is a hugely popular design for festive and party occasions. One of the most interesting aspects of the contemporary style is the play of colors. The makers have introduced color combinations which have been known to be a part of the western designs. However they have managed to pull off some of the finest designs as a result. This color-scape in itself results in a comprehensive set of designs.

The opposite of contemporary is the Anarkali style which has adhered to the tradition from centuries. This style has also witnessed a touch of modern colors, but more or less has remained the same. The style signifies elegance and pomp. Any changes made here have managed to only reduce its glamour. Therefore Anarkali is here to stay and is a style statement of a regal nature for all occasions.

Then of course there is the traditional style from different states which is preferred for daily use and festive occasions.

What is interesting even more is the rise of the designers who are now willing to invest their efforts in making all the aforementioned designs even more glamorous. Some of the top designers in the country are today known to produce a range of ethnic apparels. Salwar suit designs are not an exception in this case. A person who is looking for exclusivity can seek the creations of these designers. A few online portals are also actively pushing these niche designs to the consumers; thereby creating a bigger market for buyers in the times to come.

ways  to style your salwars


You may not need to look too simple for a grand event but you must be tastefully done up to look suitable for the event. You can dress up in the most fashionable and trendy way without looking too gaudy and over the top. All that being said, styles in the ethnic wear will continue to evolve and soon enough the fusion sense created by kurti and jeans will also be seen in numerous other designs.


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