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3 Valentine's Day Wrapping Ideas

By Thehousethatlarsbuilt @houselarsbuilt
3 Valentine's Day wrapping ideasphotography by Trisha Zemp
Guys. I love wrapping gifts (can you tell?!). I just wish I actually gave gifts more often. Life's paradox.
I made a few Valentine's Day gift wrappings that are SO easy. Give 'em a try! First up, ombre wrapping paper...3 Valentine's Day wrapping ideas3 Valentine's Day wrapping ideasYou will need: paper (white butcher paper is fine), 3 shades of the same color (I chose red, coral bright, and coral from Design Master floral spray)
Step 1: Start at the base of the paper and spray with the darkest color first.Step 2: Next, go with the next darkest and partially spray into the first and then to about the half way point of the paper.Step 3: Lastly, use the lightest spray and spray partially into the second color and then nearly down to the edge of the paper. Leave a bit of the white color as the fourth color.
DONZO! So easy, right?
Next...3 Valentine's Day wrapping ideasI was making another Valentine's project with cupid arrows and then it dawned on me to put it into this project as well. DING! I've done a pinata gift wrap before but decided to mix it up by doing two layers and cutting one out to reveal the under layer.
Materials to make heart box: two shades of crepe paper (I chose red and pink), gift box, scissors, glue gun3 Valentine's Day wrapping ideasStep 1: With the crepe going against the grain, cut a 1 1/2" inch wide streamer with your lighter colorStep 2: Fold it in half many times.Step 3: Cut into it about 2/3" and about 1/4" spaced apart.Step 4: Now you'll start pinata-ing the box. Start at the bottom and glue a couple of dabs of glue to hold it in place. Do one side of the box.Step 5: With your darker color, repeat the process for making a streamer.3 Valentine's Day wrapping ideas3 Valentine's Day wrapping ideasStep 6: Now you'll layer the fringe on top of each other as if you were applying it onto a box, but you're not. You're just gluing it to itself. Make them longer than the width of the box.Step 7: Make a template of a heart out of paper the size that you will want cut out.Step 8: Lay it on the fringe and with an craft knife, cut around it. You'll have to be very careful so as not to destroy the fringe. I did a light cut and then went back with the scissors.Step 9: Once the heart shape is in tact, glue it to the box. Step 10: Continue wrapping the whole box with your fringe.3 Valentine's Day wrapping ideas3 Valentine's Day wrapping ideasStep 11: To apply the arrow, simply cut a hole with your kraft knife and insert the arrow.
NOTE: I will show how to make this ombre arrow next week. STAY TUNED! 3 Valentine's Day wrapping ideas3 Valentine's Day wrapping ideasAnother easy squeazy wrapping. Takes little time.
Materials: paper (butcher is fine), package of heart doilies, spray paint of your choice, scotch tape
Step 1: Start by putting a bit of tape on all the backs of the doilies.Step 2: Tape each one down randomly.Step 3: Spray paint the top.Step 4: When it's dray, remove them one by one.
What do you think? Easy and fun? I hope so.
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