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3 Updated Wedding Ideas

By Gigmastersweddings @gigmasters

Jessica Biel pink wedding dress

Remember  playing Atari and using a card catalog? Those things are gone and no one insists that you have to play Space Invaders instead of Xbox. So why do so many people still rely on wedding traditions from the past? Guest writer Rayna San Fillipo of Wedding Crowd says you don’t have to, and she has some suggestions!

Yes, you can do an E-Vite for your wedding.  There are tons of sites that offer free and elegant options.  Plus you will be going green and saving yourself tons of time trying to get responses back from your guests.

online wedding invitation

E-Wedding Invitation from

In lieu of using real flowers, consider making a beautiful brooch bouquet or one made out of felt, silk, or button flowers!  Get creative and have fun with it.  These bouquets not only come out beautiful but you can save them for a life time without the high costs of flower preservation!

brooch bouquet

Brooch Bouquet from Fancy Pants Wedding

Instead of doing the traditional cake, you can choose to do cupcakes or bake your own fun cake.  Have fun with it and make it unique to suit your personality.  Don’t like cake?  Arrange cookies or brownies  to look like a cake.

iced wedding cookies

Cookies from Chocolate


Bridal Gown:
Be different.  Be yourself.  How about wearing a dress that isn’t white for your big day! Many 2013 gowns are an array of colors, from blush to blue!  Brides have been spotted in silver, black, champagne and red gowns (or pink, like Mrs. Timberlake above).  Not interested in changing colors?  Then maybe a short, tea-length or mullet gown suits you.

Dare to be different and perhaps go with a tux that matches the color scheme.  Do gray, maroon, or be bold (or funny) by getting the classic ‘Dumb & Dumber’ orange or blue tux.  Maybe use a top hat or wear a cane.  Maybe ditch the whole tux completely and wear something that suits you.

Bridesmaid Dresses:
Tradition is the only thing that says the bridal party has to match.  Be unique and choose a scheme that says wow to you.  Maybe different shades of the same color or all colors of the rainbow will work for you.  Maybe some long, some short or a mix of both.  Have fun with it!

What other ways can you think of or have you incorporated already into your planning?

Rayna is a founder of Wedding Crowd, a social wedding planning site that can help you bring your dream Wedding to life. She also is a founder of Wed Weekly, an email that outlines the best of the best in Weddings!  Sign up now to be part of both sites. Also check out her blog where she posts about weddings.

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