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3 Tips From the Credit Report Companies

Posted on the 20 September 2013 by Dfennell @BloggerGo

3 Tips From the Credit Report Companies

Nobody’s perfect, and that’s no secret. The closest you can get to perfect, however, is by achieving and maintaining a credit score of at least 850 points. Since your credit score is the number that essentially defines your financial condition and capabilities, reaching this number should be the goal of every person.

Understandably, it’s not very easy to reach a credit score of 850 or higher. A perfect credit score is nearly impossible due to the fact that the risk of credit failure is always too great. You might have the most noble of intentions, but you never know when illness, an accident, or a job loss might have a negative effect on your fortunes. Below are three essential tips doing your best to avoid such a catastrophe.

1. Aim for reason

A perfect credit score might be your goal, but credit experts and those who enjoy exceptional credit scores recommend that people reach for great rather than perfect. This means you should aim for a score above 800. That’s much more realistic.

A credit score of 800 is a very high credit score, and it’s a reasonably attainable score for even the average person. You don’t have to be wealthy to achieve a high credit score; you only need to be financially responsible.

One way to be financially responsible is to take advice from someone with a credit score of 800. She plans automatic payments each month so she never forgets or misses a payment. This allows her to keep her score high by paying off her debts on time.

2. Make multiple payments to boost your score

When you achieve a credit score of 800 or more, you benefit in a number of ways. One of the biggest benefits is the fact that you qualify for the best interest rates and extremely flexible repayment options. This gives you broader possibilities and choices.

Take someone who wants a new car. If you haven’t the cash to pay for the vehicle outright, and you want a low monthly payment, having a high credit score is key. It allows you to qualify for those special incentives you see on television, such as a $50,000 vehicle with a $199-a-month payment. Those are reserved for people with the most excellent credit scores.

If you have credit debt, you can raise your score by making multiple monthly payments. Instead of making one payment each month, pay off the balance of your credit cards every week or make multiple vehicle payments each month. It helps raise your score because it looks great on your credit report.

3. Age matters when it comes to credit

One of the easiest ways to raise your credit score is to keep the same accounts and avoid opening new ones. Those who have the best credit say that one of the reasons their credit scores are so high is because they’ve had the same credit cards active for at least ten years. Instead of opening new accounts and transferring balances, they stick with one company.

Learn more about credit scores

If you want to achieve near perfect credit, learn as much as you can. Education is the best weapon against a poor credit score. Knowing what secrets can help you improve your score gives you the edge.

To raise your score, take the time to learn the tips, the tricks and the secrets. They’ll help you understand how making your payments on certain days of the month can be better than other days, how paying more is better, and how you can easily lose points without realizing it.

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