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3 Tips for Your International Travel Blog

By Dfennell @BloggerGo

3 Tips for Your International Travel Blog

Got a travel bug? You’re not alone. People love to travel; and, more and more, people love to travel internationally.

Such being the case, international travel can be a great general topic for a travel blog. International travel is also a large topic. While you can’t cover travel tips for every country in the world, you can provide tips that apply no matter where your readers are going.

Here are three tips for your international blog.

1. Provide cultural do’s and don’ts

People travel to foreign countries because they want to experience new cultures. At the same time, different cultures can be a bit perplexing. Your blog can help folks navigate the cultural aspects, both large and small.

For instance, how is tipping handled across the world? What do people wear? What sorts of topics (and words) are forbidden or frowned upon?

Obviously you can’t cover everything, but the topic of cultural mores around the world is not only informative, it’s also pretty interesting: perfect for quite a few blog posts.

2. Provide safety tips

Along the same lines, safety while traveling abroad is another topic that will inevitably draw readers. Everyone wants to stay safe while they’re on vacation.

But foreign countries can be a bit scary to travelers — especially if you’re not familiar with local laws and/or don’t speak the language. The safety precautions you should take when traveling depend on where you’re going.

Writing about these specifics will certainly attract the interest of readers who plan to travel to those places. But another approach is to provide information regarding travel safety in general.

Both approaches together should generate quite a few blog posts.

3. Provide access to reputable lodgings

For many people, trying to find a place to stay in another country is a real shot in the dark. Fortunately, the Internet is a great way to view a large array of opinions on hotels and other types of accommodation.

Take South Africa, which is a popular tourist destination but also one that can pose potential safety issues. This South African travel site lists Pretoria accommodations as they are ranked by former guests.

By using your blog to guide people toward reputable review sites, you’ll be helping your readers to make wise (and safe) traveling decisions.

International travel is an adventure. But “adventure” doesn’t mean you have to be unsafe or put up in sub-par accommodations. Your international travel blog can provide useful tips for your readers no matter where their destination may be.

That, in turn, will increase your blog’s popularity. Happy traveling … and happy blogging!

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