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3 Things to Include in a Blog Review

Posted on the 24 July 2015 by Dfennell @BloggerGo


The blogosphere is a constantly growing and evolving world. New blogs are cropping up almost daily and without something important to say, they may die out just as quickly. Many bloggers create their online voice by reviewing something; this could be a place, item, food or interest. Reviews are a great way to generate traffic to your webpage and keep people interested, but they must be well done. Included here are a few ways to write blog reviews that keep people enthralled and involved.


Fewer things can grab attention more quickly than an image. This could be a photo of the place taken by you, a painting by an artist interest or an image of the item you wish to purchase. Visual aids are key in getting people involved in what you are writing about. Avoid long blocks of text to keep people interested by placing images at relevant interludes.

Park West Gallery recently debuted the work of artist David Willardson which features renditions of familiar old cartoons redone in artistic mediums. Willardson seamlessly pairs newer artistic mediums with familiar older characters. Keep in mind that your readers will enjoy seeing familiar images, thoughts or quotes when being introduced to a new interest.


Thoughtful, inspiring quotes are always popular among blog reviews. Consider taking a note from a beloved foodie, or famous chef, when reviewing a new restaurant or recipe. Similarly, you could take quotes from celebrities who have visited the place or area in the past. Artists may have their own quotes about how they created a piece and musicians may have great things to say about certain concert houses.

Another great way to integrate quotes into your blog is to simply meet and interview people. The beauty of quoting “average joes” is that they may have spectacular gems of wisdom to impart without you realizing it from first appearance. The incredibly popular website, Humans of New York, was created by a man who simply sought to show the inherently human nature of all people in all different areas and different walks of life.


No blog review would be complete without a note from the author. It makes your blog far more personable if you voice your own opinion or recommendations after your review. Recommend a preferred entree, a pleasant seating area, or a good book. Take time to explain your preferences in one style of painting versus another.

If you have begun developing an interest, explain what drew you to that pastime. Show benefits of practicing a certain instrument versus another or reasons to paint impressionistic versus abstract. Make your own preferences and opinions known and it will make you seem far more realistic to your readers.

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