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3 Tech Skills That Make You a Valuable Blogger

Posted on the 21 September 2014 by Dfennell @BloggerGo



Professional bloggers don’t just sit down and write articles all day. They are expected to have a well-rounded grasp of digital communications, design, and development. Bloggers often perform a wide range of duties to maintain content and attract audiences. If you’re trying to become a professional blogger or gain skill sets to help you advance your career, then it’s not a bad idea explore these technical topics.


Knowledge of these web design and development languages is immensely useful for content producers. These codes are the building blocks of the Internet, dictating how your blog appears and behaves on user browsers. HTML generally allows you to define the types of content displayed on a webpage, while CSS gives you extensive control over the formatting and appearance of content. If you’re interested in learning these languages, there are a number of free educational resources online, such at the W3 Schools and the Microsoft Virtual Academy.

HTML and CSS coding courses are also popular offerings at community colleges and professional development schools. These courses can provide you with a structured approach to these markup languages, if you don’t feel confident in pursuing self-study online.

CMS Administration

Content management systems, such as WordPress or Drupal, are some of the most common platforms for blogging. Many businesses rely on these platforms to run corporate blogs and publications. It’s crucial to gain CMS experience if you plan to blog professionally or take your current work to the next level. As a blogger, you might be expected to moderate comments in batches, optimize search keywords, fix broken links, and upload multimedia. Bloggers who are familiar with popular CMS platforms are valuable assets for many companies.

Photo or Video Editing

Multimedia is becoming increasingly important in digital content production. Now that social media platforms are adding support for multimedia sharing, bloggers can connect with even larger audiences using visual media. Websites that incorporate audio and visual elements often have higher engagement rates. Bloggers who can successfully edit multimedia content are extremely valuable in today’s content production industries.

Are you feeling inspired to develop your technical skills? Take your blogging work to the next level by learning web coding languages, gaining a firm grasp of CMS platforms, or honing your multimedia editing skills. Businesses have a strong need for these skill sets as they seek to connect with wider digital audiences.

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