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3 Surprising Ways Antibiotics Can Make UTIs Worse

By Rayrose Camille Samson @itsrayrose

3 Surprising Ways Antibiotics Can Make UTIs WorseEven if you practice the best way to prevent UTIs naturally, it’s possible to contract an infection. If this occurs, your physician is likely to prescribe antibiotics to combat the E. coli at the root of the problem. While this is standard medical practice, it can have unintended consequences.
1. Contribute to Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria
Bacteria that develops resistance to antibiotics are a problem across the healthcare landscape. Because antibiotics are on the frontlines when it comes to fighting UTIs, it’s possible you may encounter this problem over the course of your treatment.
If the bacteria causing your UTI are antibiotic-resistant, you may have to undergo several rounds of medication or try stronger prescriptions. This not only potentially creates stronger strains of bacteria, but weakens your body’s own systems. Antibiotics don’t pick and choose which bacteria to kill – they affect all types equally. As a result, the natural balance of good and bad microorganisms in your body may be disrupted.
2. Affect Your Vaginal Flora
One of the areas that may be negatively affected is your reproductive system. Your vagina is a delicately balanced environment and any shift may lead to medical issues. For example, if you have low levels of good bacteria, you may end up with bacterial vaginosis and its painful symptoms:
   Itching   Burning during urination   Fishy odor   Green, gray or white discharge
Fortunately, you can shore up your good bacteria by taking supplements. The best probiotics for urinary tract infectionscan actually prevent recurring UTIs as well as keep your vagina healthy.
3. Lead to Fungal Infections
Bad bacteria aren’t the only factors you need to worry about when it comes to antibiotics and vaginal health. When good microorganisms are in short supply, you may also experience an overabundance of fungi, leading to a yeast infection.
Antibiotics are a great tool against UTIs, but it’s essential that you take steps to combat potential side effects. Be sure to take probiotics to strengthen your body’s natural defenses.

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