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3 Reasons I Refuse to Potty Train

By Dgmommy @dgmommyblogger

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Potty Training is a hot topic for the toddler set. Well, for their mothers anyway, though my boy has certainly developed a potty mouth! "Me pee pee," and "Big kaka" are just a couple of the phrases frequently pouring from his mouth these days.
He's showing all the signs of readiness for potty training: interest in the toilet, telling me when he needs a change, even going potty on the toilet once every day or two, and frequently staying dry during naps. Yet, I refuse to train him, just as I refused to train his two sisters before him.
That's right. I never potty-trained his sisters. But, prepare for a shock - they exclusively use the toilet for their potty and poo-poo needs! It's true!
Why do I refuse to potty train? I'll share with you my top 3 reasons:
1. Time - My daily schedule changes daily, and therefore the schedules of my children. One is in school full-time, the other half-time and their Papa and I irregularly split shifts at our retail store.
To potty train in the traditional sense, it is most effective to devote several days to paying very close attention to your toddler, taking him to the potty once every hour or so and having a very predictable schedule for that time-period.
2. Patience - I don't have enough. This was the case with my firstborn, and it is unfortunately still the case. My second child came just 15-months after the first, so when the first was ripe for potty-training, I was dealing with a baby. Having the two so close together threw me off my game and I did not possess the necessary patience to potty train one while nursing the other. You do? Good for you! You don't? Relax! It's ok.
With the boy seemingly ready for 'training', I now have the two girls running around, still requiring plenty of attention. It's rather a mad-house when all three are about and I have quite a lot on my plate right now with a new retail business, my writing and everything else that daily living brings. Excuses? Yes, but valid for me and I'm the only one living my life.
3. Nature - Something that comes naturally doesn't require 'training'. Unless there is a true physical or neurological issue present, all children eventually learn to hold "it", use the toilet and lose the diapers. As I mentioned previously, my daughters both do it and they are only now 5 and 6. Believe it or not, they naturally began modelling mommy and using the toilet to do their business. The first-born at around 2 1/2 and the second around age 2. Both were completely out of diapers by age 3 with no training, only gentle guidance and encouragement on my part.
How did I do it? You'll have to watch for my follow-up post: 'Taking the "Training" out of the Potty" or something like that... Suggest a good title and I'll give you credit! Follow my on Google+ and Twitter and you'll be the first to know when it's published.
Do you potty train? What works for you and your family? Leave a comment and tell me, please!

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