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3 Products That I'm Endorsing Without Being Compensated

By Beachbungalow8 @beachbungalow8

The Soda Stream:
3 products that I'm endorsing without being compensated
For years, I drank several Diet Coke's a day (6-10). I knew they were bad for me, but I also knew that red bull and phen-phen, while quite effective, was not the best way to take off baby weight. Older and I'd like to think wiser (although it probably has more to do with the awareness of my impending mortality) I've pretty much all but eliminated Diet Drinks. I did so by replacing them with soda water. The problem with that was, I had a trash can full of empty plastic bottles. Bad on the environment. Enter, the perfect answer. Using no electricity, no batteries, just a CO2 cartridge, the soda stream is one  of the best kitchen appliances to crowd my counter top. You can add flavoring, but I prefer the occasional squeeze of fresh lemon.
The Breville Ikon:
3 products that I'm endorsing without being compensated

I may lose some of you here. Considering that I've spent years  bathing my cells in carcinogens (see above), I figure no harm in attempting to reverse whatever harm I've done. Every morning, I drink a juice made of 1 head of Romaine, half a bag of Kale, 1 cucumber and 1 apple. This gives me about 16 oz, of green juice. And the bonus is that it sustains me until lunch. To some, the green taste is a bit strong, but you'll get used to it. Toss some pineapple in to sweeten things. I did a lot of research before landing on this one. Besides being really good at grinding everything to a pulp and then extracting the juice via a centrifuge system, it's EASY TO CLEAN.  Also, I give a bit of the left over pulp to my dogs. Just read about the benefits of liquid Chlorophyll here and maybe you'll be a convert too.
I've heard that you can make some great, fresh juice cocktails with this thing. (Apple-Cucumber-Mint Martini? )
Red Flower:
3 products that I'm endorsing without being compensated
Because of my recent skin condition called 'advancing age' I've finally buckled and started taking a little better care of my skin (do you see a pattern here? in vanity verite. ) I was introduced to this product by the woman who does my facials, Jan Davidson Skin Care (that was endorsement #4) Red Flower began as a natural candle business but soon moved over into skin care. I love this product because, well because honestly, it smells SO GOOD.  Fennel, rose, lavender would be what I'd guess the combo is.
If that's not enough to sell you on it, my skin looks fantastic and feels great and look at all of this:
" omega 3s and 6s, beta glucans and concentrated antioxidants. potent and pure for the face and therapeutic for the body. one hundred percent botanical. entirely free of all synthetics, parabens, dyes, petrochemicals and sulfates. made with certified organic ingredients. sourced from Finland. contains the spirit of life. not tested on animals. packaged in 77% post consumer recycled paper. printed at a 100% wind powered plant. "
ok that's it for me on this Monday. Back to work.
(god, I hope they send me some free stuff for a give away or something)

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