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I See the Light

By Beachbungalow8 @beachbungalow8
When we first moved into the new house, the kitchen had one of those, Ingo Maurer, "Zettel's 5" fixtures hanging above the kitchen island.
I see the light
And while it was romantic, interesting, thoughtful and had a nice way of diffusing light, the two of us, we weren't meant to be.
I see the light
 That, and I've been eyeing the, oh-so trending, industry standard parts fixtures - DIY or BIY (depending on your wallet, resourcefulness and general level of patience to sanity matrix). Because complicated puzzles are my Ritalin, and $150.00 seemed a little easier to spend on a trend than 4k, I chose DIY.
I see the light
Lindsey Adelman who, from what I can tell, really brought this trend into the spotlight, makes some really cool versions. Which you can purchase, pre-made. For a lot. BUT she has also,  put together this awesome kit that only requires your patience and a handy electrician.
Sure it's not for the squeamish. But, it's completely doable, and like I said, oddly calming to create.
Here's what you get in the box:

I see the light

I should note, they don't give you the wire strippers, hammer, measuring tape nor scissors. Also, that fabric covered, black cord is one I had ordered, thinking that I might need more wire. They do send you that nicely coiled gold wire. 

Then you down load this pdf and prepare to have your eyes start to spin a little. But, hold on, it's cool. Because it comes together pretty easily.

I see the light

Explode Your Brain, View.

Thank god for Juan.
I see the light

Lights on,
I see the light

Isn't it so great??! I'm totally stoked.
I see the light

A few other joints around Cali that sell pre made Industry Parts Fixtures (there must be a better name for these things) 
+ Omega Lighting and Design - Berkeley
+ Big Daddy Antiques - SF and LA
And I hear that you can find some great ones at the Rose Bowl Flea. 

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