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3 Must Have Grinders For Coffee Lovers

By Alyssa Martinez @ItsMariaAlyssa

There is nothing more exciting like a coffee lover grinding his or her own coffee beans. Everything starting from the aroma coming directly from the grinder to the first sip of hot and freshly brewed coffee is just an out-of-this-world experience. Grinding your coffee comes with tremendous benefits, one of them being that you can grind the best flavor from coffee beans of your choice. The aroma of fresh coffee enhances you to start your day on a high note. However, you do not have to wonder anymore about how to get to the coffee shop and grab your favorite cup of coffee, all you need is to buy a coffee grinder. Besides, having your coffee grinder will save you £400 yearly on coffee from overpriced cafes. Below are three must have coffee grinders you should consider and increase your coffee experience.

Krups Coffee Grinder

The first on the list is a professional Krups Coffee Grinder from kitchenware specialists Krups. It offers you with amazing grinds every time you get into your kitchen to grind your favorite coffee. It comes with two adjustable burr grinders that help you to cut the beans in accordance with your personal tastes. In addition, Krups Coffee Grinder comes with additional 17 grind settings. Interestingly, it has a large bean capacity that allows you to make as many as 12 cups of coffee at once. If you are the kind of people who take coffee in short duration, then, buy Krups Coffee Grinder and save your energy of going to the coffee shops. It's available at John Lewis at only £45. Grab yours today.

Andrew James Coffee Grinder

The second grinder on our list is Andrew James Coffee Grinder. This grinder comes from Andrew James and is specially made for casual coffee drinkers. Even though it doesn't have the precision of a burr grinder, Andrew James Coffee Grinder is associated with the ease of use. You do not have to go to school to learn how to use it, as you can understand by reading the manual. It has a large bean capacity and can grind beans equivalent to producing 10 cups at once. Besides, it comes with a handy transparent lid that allows the users to keep their eyes on the beans and make an informed decision on how fine the beans should be according to their tastes and preferences. In case you wish to take a break from coffee consumption, your grinder will not be thrown away as it is an all-purpose grinder, fit for grinding nuts and spices. The grinder is available at Ander James for £12.99, and Amazon at £14.98.

De'Longhi Coffee Grinder

The third grinder on our list is the De'Longhi Coffee Grinder from De'Longhi. It is stylish and good-looking, adding elegance to your kitchen. It comes with a fineness selector that allows you to choose the texture of the beans you want, from fine to medium to coarsely cut beans. It also comes with a burr grinding system that perfects your coffee by preserving its natural aroma. Additionally, it has a cup selector that closes the grinder after feeding it with the required amount of beans, thus preventing wastage. It's available at John Lewis and Currys at £39.99.

From this information, the ball lies on your coat to decide on which coffee grinder to go for. Even though they are different, These coffee grinders serve the same purpose of ensuring that you get the fresh coffee by grinding your favorite coffee beans. Weigh how heavy your pocket it and go for one that matches your interests.


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