3 Invaluable Qualities in a Best Friend

Posted on the 16 January 2014 by Michael Lin @mlin427

Friendship. Can't live without it.

I’m always thinking about how fortunate and grateful I am for the friends I have. From elementary school to high school to college, I have met some really amazing people, many who I now consider my good friends, my best friends. But what makes them  ”good” and “best?”

I, for one, consider several of my friends my “best” friends.

Compatibility: Everyone is different and that’s a life fact. Through my years, I have met people from all different backgrounds. Yet, I have found that all of my best friends are very similar to me in many ways. For one, we enjoy doing just about all of the same things, like playing sports and watching movies. It’s always been that way since the teenage days. You’d figure that as we get older, our interests would change. And they certainly do. However, when it comes to my friends, we still enjoy doing all the same activities together, even after all these years; to be honest, I don’t think that will ever change too much. Secondly, and more importantly, in my opinion our personalities seemingly match perfectly. I’m a pretty laidback guy and very goofy when you really get to know me, and now that I think about it,  all my best friends are pretty much the same personality-wise. It’s funny because I never really think about why my best friends are in fact, my best friends. They just are. Of course, none of this is particularly new or ground-breaking in any way, but it’s important to realize that as long as you remain true to yourself, there will always be those best friends out there somewhere.

Loyalty: There’s a reason we call a dog a man’s best friend. It’s because dogs are so damn loyal. The same applies to your human best friends.  In case you’re wondering, I have a few best friends from my hometown and a few more from my days in the Orange Bubble (all pictured). Through thick and thin, good and bad, my “besties” have always been so loyal and supportive that words will never describe how appreciative I am. Even though we have all changed and matured in different ways and pursued different paths, for some reason the loyalty is always there. My pals have always supported my tennis endeavors, came to matches that they never had to, and even picked up the game themselves. They accompanied me to Studio 34 at 2am in the freezing cold for a tedious snack break when they should have been sleeping or studying. They embraced playing Mario Kart just like we used to 10 years ago. They stuck with me when I started making new friends through my tennis teammates or other connections. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else but doing the same for them.

The “Time Doesn’t Matter” Effect: Yes, I obviously made the name up. In all seriousness, I started to realize this “effect” only recently. After graduation in June, we all moved in different directions, moved to different parts of the US and tackled our new jobs or travels. Naturally, we communicated much less than we did seeing each other on a daily basis for 4+ years. So, during the rest of 2013, sometimes it would be weeks before I texted one of my pals or sent a message on our group text. Yet, every time we talked or communicated, it would feel as if no time had flown by, like it was just another normal day. I’ve come to realize that my best friends will always be my best friends even if we keep in touch much less frequently than we used to, and it’s reflected in the way we talk and text with each other. Ditto with my hometown friends. Since we’re best friends, there isn’t a need to “catch up” when we haven’t communicated in awhile, if you understand what I mean.

I will always be grateful for the best friends I have made and will always remind myself of these qualities when I look back to the past and when I consider the future.

What qualities or characteristics do you find invaluable in your best friends?



3 Invaluable Qualities in a Best Friend

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