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3 Benefits of Online File Sharing

Posted on the 23 January 2013 by Butterchicken @vivekkrishnan

File sharing online has become more popular than ever with the increasing demand for access to important files on the go! When entering a business environment, or even starting your own business, you will quickly discover that the common talk about business becoming increasingly digitized is no myth. These days, advances in technology have made for a world of business that takes place largely on computers and mobile devices. Naturally, this makes for a great deal of convenience and efficiency – but it also has its complications. For example, there is some debate over which method for sending large file transfers is best for businesses.


Ultimately, however, things in this department appear to be moving in a clear direction toward online file sharing methods (as opposed to the popular FTP alternative). Here are a few of the specific benefits of file sharing.

    • Smooth Delivery – Often, with FTP methods, file transfers, emails, etc. can return to you having failed to send. Call it a glitch, but this can be very aggravating in a business environment. Online file sharing services have far less difficulty in this area, allowing you smooth delivery that you don’t have to worry about.
    • Easy To Use – Businesses using FTP have something of a learning curve for new employees, as the process for sharing files is a bit more complex. With online file sharing services, the process is as simple as clicking to send.
    • Large File Support – Finally, generally speaking, online file sharing allows the transfer of larger files than some of its counterparts. This is because information transferred is stored on a single file server used for a whole office or business, rather than on individual computers.

The above listed benefits make it fairly clear that online file sharing services are superior in efficiency and user friendliness to the alternatives. However, there are other things to consider if you are setting up a business to use file sharing. namely, it is important to visit a site like to make sure that your file sharing setup is as secure as it can be.

With a secure setup to your online file sharing, you can be confident that your file transfers, emails, and any other business related data or exchanges are completely safe. Storing and transferring data online is always convenient, but it is not always secure unless you take specific measures to make it so. The good news is, a company like Sharefile can keep you confident about the security of your files and improve the overall quality of your online business.

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