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3 Bargain Dresses

By Megan Lillie @meganjanelillie
3 Bargain DressesThank you so much for 500 followers - I can't quite believe it! Who'd of thought that eight months of blogging would bring 500 gorgeous people reading my blog?! I'm truly grateful and I still enjoy every single post that I write for all of you. To say thank you, I've started to put together a giveaway which is based around a single colour, and this time it's going to be international!
 After passing my driving theory test on Monday (yay!), I decided to head out into the town center for a bit of shopping to treat myself. Any excuse ey! All that I had in my mind was that I wanted to find some real 'bargains'. I think that sometimes you don't have to spend masses of money to find perfect clothes; All it takes is a little bit of patience and a good scrummage through rails and rails of clothes to find a hidden gem and well, I found 3 gems! I'm so happy that a lot of little vintage shops are starting to pop up in my town, it means I can find things like the gorgeous pieces below...
3 Bargain Dresses3 Bargain Dresses3 Bargain Dresses3 Bargain DressesMint Skater Dress - Primark // £13 - Although it wasn't exactly discounted or anything, I still think this dress is a bargain! I find Primark so hard to shop in because ours is always full of crazed customers (and their massive pushchairs) but I took the time out to try this on and I adore it. It's a simple mint green and it's lightweight material makes it flow beautifully. If this was in Topshop, you'd look at paying £30+ for it. An absolute wardrobe staple!
MinkPink Floral Dress - Vintage Shop // £10 - Yes, I did really just buy a MinkPink dress for a tenner!! Oh. My. God. My face when I seen this lit up. It's going to be perfect for summer and the cut is super flattering on my short little self. I was trying to explain to the girl at the till why I was over the moon that I'd found a MinkPink dress for so cheap, she must of thought that I was absolutely bonkers!
Laura for Topshop Dress - Charity Shop // £3.50 - The best bargain of them all! No word of lie, I tried this on about 4 years ago in Topshop and almost bought it for a holiday I was going on. When I seen this in the charity shop and it was in my size my jaw dropped to the floor. I love the nautical feel and the embroidery on the bottom is just so cool. 
So which one's your favourite? I'm ecstatic with all of them! Let me know, thanks for reading!Megan xxx
P.S. Please nominate me in the Cosmo Blog Awards here under 'Best New Beauty Blog' or 'Best New Fashion Blog' - or which ever you think suits best. Thank you!
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