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3 Accessories That Can Take Your Look from Bleak to Chic

By Alyssa Martinez @ItsMariaAlyssa

You're not alone. We all have it or have had it at some point, where we're not really feeling some of our outfits. They're perfectly wearable. But they're drab. Plain. Dowdy. Like you're wearing a gray cloud.

All is not lost, however. Accessories to the rescue. This is what you can do to be your own fairy godmother for your look.

3 Accessories That Can Take Your Look from Bleak to Chic

Wear Jewelry

Jewelry is to clothes what seasoning is to food. Earrings here, a bangle there, a necklace there and voila, this trend is something that's not going anywhere.

Sometimes a plain outfit, the bolder or chunkier the jewelry, the better. The transformation can be like Clark Kent walking into a phone booth and coming out as Superman.

Wear a community of bangles on your wrist! Wear big earrings. Wear an elaborate necklace. Chic can be gracefully bold.

3 Accessories That Can Take Your Look from Bleak to Chic

Rock a Belt

A belt can make all the difference to an outfit. For example, a bold red belt over a black dress. Depending on the black dress you want to wear, it could go with a thick red belt or a thin strappy one. If it's a free-flowing black dress, for instance, imagine taking it in around the waist/stomach area with a thick red belt. Or it could be a thin red belt paired with a pencil-thin black skirt or black trousers. Dark colors make bold colors pop. And bold colors accentuate the elegance of dark colors.

Don't be afraid to also play around with, say, a yellow belt with a white outfit, or red or black belt. You could even try pastel-colored belts (with a dark or light-colored outfit). Essentially, it's not just the color that works, but what the shape of a belt can do to an outfit.

3 Accessories That Can Take Your Look from Bleak to Chic

Sashay with a Bag

There's nothing like a cute bag to lift a look. It can work a charm. If jewelry is spice, then bags are candy. It will not only lift your look to chic but could make for conversation with bag-loving friends and strangers alike (where did you get the bag, how much for, "It was on sale? Oh wow", etc.)

Talking about sales, there are these Chanel bags for sale.

It doesn't have to be a designer bag, however. You can rock a well-designed bag, period, regardless of the designer. It's how you move with it, dahling, designer bag or not.

There are other ways to lift your looks, such as hats, scarves and hair accessories. The ones shared above are just a few of the many other ways. What's important is that there is a way - there is something practical and creative you can do about your look to shift it, and you can do it with accessories you already have floating around, or maybe buy new ones. You could even visit thrift stores and pick up some unique accessories.

Accessorizing is your superpower. So experiment, enjoy the process, then go out there with your chic look (and enjoy that too).


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