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2k Came with a Reality Check No One Wants

Posted on the 08 May 2020 by Isiswin @Isis_Win

By Isis Win 1221 words

2K CAME WITH A REALITY CHECK NO ONE WANTSThe Big Plunge. The instrument shows thermals are positive, then you jump for an exiting experience in the air.

This reality awakening is for the entire planet. Every single person that is challenged by the crisis resulted from Covid 19. Everyone is part of it. Some more than others, but if there is any reasonable counting, it is not about who is more or less, but the totality of the numbers. We are in grave danger!

Here in the US, there are too many items that check with that sad statement. The awakening started with a health threat that locked down millions of people against their will. Covid is a danger that seems people either ignore or did not believe it. However, when it comes to the wage’s check, no one can turn their head and blow it away.

As well, another critical check, one that has worried me a lot for more than three years, is the angry attitude of many of the people unhappy with whatever. Such as the people that push, beat, spit, etc. to those that remind them of the safety measures of social distancing and wearing a face mask. There are too many cases similar to this one that represents the anger of some citizens.

We are about to accomplish four years of a devastating divide among the American people. Another item that has kept me worried since the days of the 2016 election.

Whether the mentality of those from the right, middle or left or any other direction, caused this crisis, the critical fact here is that a nation that is so fragmented, cannot be a whole nation. It started with the advent of 2k. We had a president that wanted all good for the country, but whether he was severely influenced or not, he remained immobile for too long. The situations collapsed, creating the worse days of too many Americans. 9/11: he ignored it until the threat became real. The war in Iraq and Afghanistan that killed thousands of our young soldiers <$$$$$> and has been a total flop. Katrina: killed hundreds of Americans, mostly poor because lack of support to save them. The mortgage bubble burst: that almost brought down entire nations.

An interesting fact that many hate – therefore disregard – is that the Obama administration inherited the worse situation our country has faced. What Bush left us as his inheritance to the country. Then Trump, a man with an evident dubious reputation at all levels, who laughed at the system and the political realm, becomes elected. That is how divided we are, but as suspected by most, his actions further divide the country, he did not resolve anything, and the level of anger and dissatisfaction of more than half of the voters is at its highest. Between Covid and his lack of integrity to protect all Americans, Trump placed us in a precarious situation that ends in anger and a need to act aggressively against anyone, not in the same place. What Obama left us at the end of his eight years were recovery, faith, and hope. Where is all that now? Does not count because it came from our first African-American and democrat president

Anyone interested in US history, not just about past history, but as we go, knows that just about everything that speaks about America is in decay. What are we going to do then? Receive the message – that is a clear and eloquent answer!

What we are facing since 2016 is clear, although covered by a thick smokescreen created by Trump himself. Transparency has been erased from our country, and it goes well beyond what others can do to fix it. There is a fix, though, we are America, and we are resilient. Thank goodness we still have resources to pull it off. However, the funds are as low as they were during some of our worse times. Something that Trump has created throughout his entire life even way before running for president.

Who is going to be the savior? Indeed, we need a leader to restore our faith in us, our country, and our system. A robust fixer because some citizens want this while others want that. Bringing the country together will take almost a miracle. A miracle that can happen to start at the moment we act. The election is a regular routine for that purpose, but who ends at the white house will define how far we can go in either direction. Then our legislators have to tune in and move the strings rapidly. Without us, the taxpayers that will not run so efficiently. The easy part is complicated and painful, but we must endure whatever it faces us. We can only do that by being behind our president and legislative and taking prompt action when we see we are not moving in the needed direction. Left and right will have to hold their judgment and react based on sound results. First, to fix our economy reasonably. That means that inclusivity cannot be any longer a battle. It can only be a reality. The only way to bring America to its best is to have a joined America. Health and education should be resolved at once, giving a chance to every American to prove their worth. Immigration is urgently in need of reform. Not in favor nor against the issues we already know about. Just a fair and sensitive reform.

Taxation for the top, middle, and bottom should be parsed in a way that everyone contributes their fair share. Our political and electoral system should be changed into a system that big money cannot buy our future. Same with lobbying, it should disappear, and favors to corporations should only be granted based on merit. Greed abusing greed should be accountable, so we no longer engage in dubious business that, at some point, may burst and deplete their investors and our country. Consumers should be protected 100% from power rulers, such as insurance companies, banks, drug makers, and any organization that only cares for their benefit at the cost of the country. Religious organizations should be put in their place. Separation of the church not only means having the freedom of choice and practice but the right to handle their own businesses and not politics or how others should live their lives.

There are too many other items that need that urgent fix if we want to save most of what our country stands for. Can someone do it? Not in four years, not in eight, this is something that will take a long time to evolve.

We were there before Trump. During Trump, our nation moved from being a democratic nation to become a totalitarian monarchy. This administration has diminished everything that meant America, and we see the effects now.

It is hard to swallow profound truths, and we have one in front of our eyes. If we miss the opportunity, it merely means we are going to perish, not by Covid, not by a financial meltdown, but a perishing planet and the anger and hostilities from extreme people. Everything will come to an end if we do not act now and together, and there will be no chance for anyone. Is this where we are at now? You’ll be the judge, and if so, let’s change it before it is too late.

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