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27 Mudroom Ideas to Get Your Ready for Fall Season

Posted on the 17 September 2018 by Harp Times @harp_times

When the fall season is approaching, some mudroom ideas would be very useful for your house. You need to be ready to face the onset of the inclement weather. Some gloves, coats, and muddy boots will be something important to wear daily.

The mudroom would be very useful to organize those things. It helps you get in and out of the door easily. The separate front area like a mudroom will keep the floor clean and dry. When it’s a rainy day, it avoids the shoes, coats, or even umbrella to wet your floor.

In order to create an ideal mudroom, first of all you need to decide on its functionality. The next thing is to select the ideal location for the mudroom. After that, install the best storage option for space.

To cover all the tips, here are some recommended mudroom ideas to get ready for the fall season.

1. Inspiring Entryway Storage Ideas

laundry mudroom ideas - 1. Inspiring Entryway Storage Ideas - Harptimes.com1. Inspiring Entryway Storage Ideas

This storage is using vertical hanger coats and bags. It’s also got some open shelves to organize shoes. It completes with mirror and some tiny hangers for keys. This mudroom storage design looks so functional and well organized.

It is also easy to apply in every mudroom space. It doesn’t waste a lot of space. It’s got some recycling bin baskets on the bottom to store other items. This vertical and rolling storage of mudroom is designed by Pottery Barn.

2. Simple Mudroom with Bench

small mudroom ideas - 2. Simple Mudroom with Bench - Harptimes.com2. Simple Mudroom with Bench

It’s a DIY project for mudroom design on a budget. You can have your organized place to put the coats and shoes once anyone comes into the house. It’s also a functional place for you who needs to sit when putting on the shoes.

The coat rack and bench is a perfect combination to be in this project. Once again, it’s an easy and affordable way to have an organizational storage in your mudroom. It’s proven and tried, it won’t waste a lot of budget to make.

3. Decorative Mudroom Storage

garage mudroom ideas - 3. Decorative Mudroom Storage - Harptimes.com3. Decorative Mudroom Storage

Talking about decoration in the mudroom, it is not a must. But, making it decorative would attract everyone who walk into the house. This mudroom has a shiplap background which makes the storage more interesting.

It also adopts the style of locker. As you can see, there’s four space for four different people. So, if you are a family of four, this will be perfect for your house. The farmhouse style of this mudroom design is suceeded to impress us.

4. Closet Mudroom Ideas

4. Small Closet Mudroom Ideas - Harptimes.com4. Closet Mudroom Ideas

5. Comfortable Mudroom Closet Ideas

rustic mudroom ideas - 5. Comfortable Mudroom Closet Ideas - Harptimes.com5. Comfortable Mudroom Closet Ideas

Speaking of comfort, this mudroom storage design would definitely comfortable. It’s got a cozy bench that makes you want to stay longer around the mudroom. The arrangement of the storage is looking so impressive.

If you look closely, this mudroom is actually an ordinary closet before it’s repurposed. Who’d expect that a closet could be the most comfortable mudroom space. It’s one of the clever mudroom ideas to have in your entry way. I think adding the pillows would give significant impact for the bench.

6. Large Traditional Mudroom Ideas

mudroom ideas closet - 6. Large Traditional Mudroom Ideas - Harptimes.com6. Large Traditional Mudroom Ideas

Take a look at this traditional mudroom, it’s a good idea for your large mudroom. This house is located in New York which is designed by Rob Karosis. This traditional space is filled with simple functional mudroom element.

It’s got custom bench with drawers which is perfect to hide the clutter. It makes the space around the mudroom always neat and clean. The coat rack has a Waterbury green color which is part of Benjamin Moore’s collection. Some decorations are also added such as the traditional light pendant under the ceiling.

7. Gray Mudroom Storage with Cabinets

laundry mudroom ideas - 7. Gray Mudroom Storage with Cabinets - Harptimes.com7. Gray Mudroom Storage with Cabinets

For some house, a coat rack, bench, and shelves are just not enough. A mudroom cabinet might be necessary. Well, it does provide more storage space for your stuff. So, your mudroom can accommodate a lot of stuff.

Instead of white, this mud room uses a gray shade to provide warm atmosphere around the entryway. The rest of the element of this mudroom has different color. it’s used to give every element a chance to shine.

8. Brass Mesh Doors Mudroom Ideas

small mudroom ideas - 8. Brass Mesh Doors Mudroom Ideas - Harptimes.com8. Brass Mesh Doors Mudroom Ideas

9. Mudroom Ideas with Simple Setup

garage mudroom ideas - 9. Mudroom Ideas with Simple Setup - Harptimes.com9. Mudroom Ideas with Simple Setup

As a homeowner, you could make the most of the space in your mudroom. This mudroom idea has a simple setup which offer a space to almost any form of items related to mudroom.

The components of this mudroom

  • Some floor-level storages for your shoes which is also used as a bench.
  • Upper storage for other items such as hats, mittens, etc.
  • Some cabinet drawers for small stuff which is also used as a table.
  • Some wall hooks to hang your coats.

10. Classic Mudroom Ideas with Polished Built-In Unit

10. Classic Mudroom Ideas with Polished Built-In Unit10. Classic Mudroom Ideas with Polished Built-In Unit

The classic vibe of this mudroom has expressed really well because of its polished unit. The arrangement of the element looks neat and well organized. I believe it would make anyone pleased to put their stuff on it.

In order to keep the messiness out of the people’s eye, there’s a concealed storage you can use. It’s the drawers under the coat and a bag rack on each locker space. Another element that support the classic vibe of this area is that rustic concrete flooring tile.

11. Mudroom Ideas Filled with Cubbies

rustic mudroom ideas - 11. Mudroom Ideas Filled with Cubbies - Harptimes.com11. Mudroom Ideas Filled with Cubbies

There’s enough space to accommodate people’s stuff. They can put their stuff into any cube they want. Some cubbies are even supported with some decorative baskets. It’s a great way to keep messiness out of sight with an open cabinet.

Highlight: There’s a secret compartment under the bench which can only be known by the owner. You can have your own private space to keep your private stuff.

It’s a DIY project from Ana White’s blog. So, it’s possible to build the storage on your own.

12. Vintage Mudroom Design with Mirror

12. Vintage Mudroom Design Ideas with Mirror - Harptimes.com12. Vintage Mudroom Design with Mirror

As we know, a mirror is rarely used in mudroom. So, adding mirror in a middle of a mudroom storage would be a unique way to impress the guest. This mudroom is so vintage, it uses some rustic and antique element too.

The elements of this mudroom:

  • An antique mirror as a focal point.
  • An old chest to storage things and you can use it as bench too.
  • Some wall hooks with antique design.
  • Light pendant with candle light style.

13. Cottage Style Mudroom Ideas

13. Cottage Style Mudroom Ideas - Harptimes.com13. Cottage Style Mudroom Ideas

14. Modern Farmhouse Mudroom Idea

14. Modern Farmhouse Mudroom Ideas - Harptimes.com14. Modern Farmhouse Mudroom Idea

It’s small version of a mudroom. If you only have a little space to be the mudroom of your house, you might wanna have this simple organizational idea. Everything is so simple in this small mudroom.

It consists of coat rack with 6 wall hooks. There’s three storage compartment on the floor-level which is also used as bench. There’s over the top space you can use for decoration. Right above the coat rack, you’ve got a compartment for two baskets as storage. All of those elements are built-in together.

15. Maple Grove Back Mudroom

15. Maple Grove Back Mudroom Ideas - Harptimes.com15. Maple Grove Back Mudroom

Imagine having this mudroom without that coat racks, cubbies, and shoe central is not there. This mudroom would look empty and ugly. The maple grove material in this mudroom really makes it more interesting.

As said before, some pillows are an impressive addition to the bench in your mudroom. It’s not gonna be just a bench, it can be a comfortable seating. This mudroom is little bit applying the concept of locker. Each locker has one shoe central, upper compartment, and two wall hooks in one coat rack.

16. Drop Zone Organizer Mudroom

laundry mudroom ideas - 16. Drop Zone Organizer Mudroom - Harptimes.com16. Drop Zone Organizer Mudroom

The whole part o the organizer is using rustic wood. It’s a great material for your country-style home. The size of the lockers are pretty large since it’s used by one person each. The rustic texture and color really strengthen the country style of this room.

This mudroom organizer is completed with drawers on the floor-level storage. The rest of the mudroom space design is just the ordinary. What makes it extra ordinary is the material choice and the size of each locker.

17. Stylish Eclectic Mudroom Design

small mudroom ideas - 17. Stylish Eclectic Mudroom Design - Harptimes.com17. Stylish Eclectic Mudroom Design

This is one of the stylish mudroom ideas you have to try in your house if it’s in style of farmhouse decor. I’m pretty sure that it can be the most exciting way to welcome the guests. It would be an amazing show-stopper in your house.

The organization of the mudroom doesn’t match with the rustic flooring but that’s not a problem. Because, the decoration on the top of the rack already stole everyone’s attention. No one would notice the flooring anymore.

18. Mudroom With Black Hexagonal Flooring

garage mudroom ideas - 18. Mudroom With Black Hexagonal Flooring - Harptimes.com18. Mudroom With Black Hexagonal Flooring

19. Big Mudroom Space Design

rustic mudroom ideas - 19. Big Mudroom Space Design - Harptimes.com19. Big Mudroom Space Design

For you who needs more storage for the other family members and guests, this could be the right mudroom idea for you. As you can see, there are some more spaces to hang the coats of all family members.

All of the storage compartments are available to be used, even the bench can also be used to put your kids bag and baseball equipement. It’s located right in front of the front door. This mudroom would be the first thing people see when entering the house, so make it impressive.

20. Neutral Locker Mudroom Design

mudroom ideas closet - 20. Neutral Locker Mudroom Design - Harptimes.com20. Neutral Locker Mudroom Design

The shiplap background of the coat rack is a nice touch for the whole mudroom design. The dark wood built-in bench provides an exotic charm among the soft shade. The same thing happens on the upper compartment which is filled with woven baskets in dark color.

Highlight: This mudroom has got a cabinet on top of the mudroom. It’s used to keep items the needs to be out of sight. You can use it as a storage for stuff that you rarely use.

21. Mudroom with Floating Bench

laundry mudroom ideas - 21. Mudroom with Floating Bench - Harptimes.com21. Mudroom with Floating Bench

A floating bench in a mudroom is quite new. The main material for the bench is the red oak plywood. It’s well known for its sturdy appearance. Under the bench there’s a shoe shelf to organize your shoe and put it above the floor.

The shiplap all over the room looks perfectly in place. It creates an amazing base for the wood floating bench to impress. When there’s no coat to hang, the wall hooks could make an outstanding decoration by hanging the flower or wreaths.

22. Mudroom for Laundry Room

laundry mudroom ideas - 22. Mudroom for Laundry Room - Harptimes.com22. Mudroom for Laundry Room

It’s a clever combination that you can have in your house. A mudroom is quite useful for your laundry room. So, it would be very helpful when you decide to have mudroom in the laundry room. The mudroom will separate the personal stuff.

After you’ve done doing laundry, you can keep the stuff inside the locker to hide the clutter. The mudroom in this laundry room is using a closed concept. There’s also an extra storage below the cabinet for your shoes or sandals.

23. Rattan Accents for Mudroom

garage mudroom ideas - 23. Rattan Accents for Mudroom - Harptimes.com23. Rattan Accents for Mudroom

Adding some useful rattan items to support the mudroom storage seems to be the right thing to do in this mudroom. That items offer a primitive look that make it more and more trendy. The warm color scheme and affordability is what impress most people.

Among the gray color scheme, it’s got some rattan boxes inside the cubbies and wooven rattan bags that hangs on the hooks. They are there to get a beautiful contrast with the combination of gray and white color.

24. Built-In Mudroom with Minimal Decor

rustic mudroom ideas - 24. Built-In Mudroom with Minimal Decor - Harptimes.com24. Built-In Mudroom with Minimal Decor

25. Simple Mudroom Ideas with Cabinet

mudroom ideas closet - 25. Simple Mudroom Ideas with Cabinet - Harptimes.com25. Simple Mudroom Ideas with Cabinet

There’s nothing special about the storage in this mudroom. It’s got a complete storage element which is ready to store your things in an ideal way.

If you don’t want to decorate your mudroom storage, there’s always a lot of space you can choose to decorate. Up there, there’s an outstanding antique light pendant that could spread its charm all over the mudroom. That old rustic rug matches the texture of the wood flooring which create the illusion of pattern.

26. Clever Shoe Rack for Mudroom

26. Clever Shoe Rack for Mudroom Ideas - Harptimes.com26. Clever Shoe Rack for Mudroom

The wall hooks are not only created for the coats. You can install the wall hooks on the lower side of wall right above the floor. This is an alternative shoe storage instead of ordinary compartment for shoe central.

This could be more interesting, since it’s abit unique. The color of the shoes would be a nice decoration for the lower wall space. You have to keep in mind that the shoe’s foot print need to be neat and clean, otherwise it would look ugly and dirty.

27. Fun Farmhouse Mudroom Ideas

27. Fun Farmhouse Mudroom Ideas - Harptimes.com27. Fun Farmhouse Mudroom Ideas


All of those 27 mudroom ideas are so inspiring. Now, you’ll be easy to decide which one deserve to be a charm to welcome your guest. After that, you’ll be ready to face the fall season.

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