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26 Weeks (more Or Less)

By Ofanselm @ofanselm

Our very first summer baby. She'll be here in just fourteen weeks, and the trees are already dressing themselves in preparation.
I'm mentally mapping out every square inch of the house, preparing for her grand arrival. Birthing tub will go here. I need to buy some plastic shower curtains. Gotta start looking for a deep freezer, so I actually have somewhere to store all those pre-made meals. No. Upright. Oh yeah, I've gotta start making some meals, don't I? And what am I gonna want to eat during the labor? Whatever that is, I have to make sure we have plenty of it. And chlorophyll. Do I want to bother reading another labor book? ....Naw. Nope.
I'm not a very good pregnancy blogger. I know. It's just not really in my nature to share much with the general public about my pregnancies. I hope you can forgive me! But even if I don't post my weight gain updates, stretch mark count, and birthing story, I promise you I will overshare ridiculously sappy newborn photos of this little girl when she comes, because I'm already planning out newborn photoshoot ideas! She's trying to kick her way out a lot lately. I know she's anxious to meet all of you :)26 weeks (more or less)

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