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25 Best Wedding Paper Tips! 2014 Edition

25 Best Wedding Paper Tips! 2014 Edition
Greetings everyone... The wedding season is up and running and I'm bouncing from meeting to meeting! Wanted to stop long enough to share the 2014 edition of my 25 BEST wedding paper tips. Yes, I thought the sponge was dry as well but I squeezed some more out nuggets just for you!
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  1. Remember that U.S. postage increases on January 26, 2014.
  2. Consider using 1 or 2 menu tents per table (menu listed on both sides) vs. having individual menus for each place setting. If you are not passionate about this, its a nice cost-saving measure. Think about combining your table number cards/tents with your menu.
  3. Ask if ordering all of your paper materials in advance will garner a discount of any kind. 
  4. If you are going to take advantage of printables for your wedding, competitively bid your printing costs to make sure you are not getting gouged. Three estimates is good.
  5. Use these tips to address your own envelopes if going the D.I.Y. route. Please check out the 2014 addressing tips as well.
  6. Find out if you can get your envelopes before your invitations to give you more time to prepare them for mailing.
  7. Forgo the pocket style invitation if you know you won't have multiple enclosure cards.
  8. Alternatives to the traditional pocket (which is a cost driver) are belly band style and custom pocket style invitations. 
  9. Have your new last name initial printed, mounted to heavy board and laser cut and have your guests sign that vs. a traditional guest book. It will look cute in your house afterwards. Same with a frame.
  10. 25 Best Wedding Paper Tips! 2014 Edition
  11. Remember to have custom tags or stickers designed for your welcome bags that will be left for out of town guests.
  12. If your reception will be at the same location of your wedding, you can forgo a reception card and simply state that the reception is "immediately following" at the bottom of your invite.
  13. Use Pinterest wisely... Look for boards that have pinned only the most unique invitations and wedding details or you will be recycling ideas that are in heavy rotation among brides.
  14. 25 Best Wedding Paper Tips! 2014 Edition

    One of my Pinterest boards: The Most Unique Wedding Invitations is an example of pins you won't see everywhere...

  15. If you decide to add the popular Thank You card that's being utilized in each place setting, do NOT let that take the place of formal thank you cards you'll send after the event.
  16. If evaluating Etsy vendors, make sure they have a larger presence than just the storefront. More links means more credibility and more accessibility. You want to work with an active vendor who is online, available and responsive.
  17. Consider having a "wedding weekend" card designed and included with your invitation suite or welcome bags if your event has a lot of moving parts.
  18. 25 Best Wedding Paper Tips! 2014 Edition

    Ordering information for this style and others on our Etsy Shop

  19. Don't be afraid to make changes and if guidelines for making changes are not given, ask in advance what they are so you are not hit with extra charges in the middle of the editing process.
  20. The new postage increase will mean that the new 2 oz. wedding postage stamp will jump from $.66 to $.70.
  21. Consider adding your "in lieu of favors" note at the bottom of your menus as a simple line vs. purchasing another tent card or separate card for your guests.
  22. In order to have your envelopes addressed using digital calligraphy, you'll need to have your guest list organized in an excel spreadsheet with the names and addresses separated. The more organized and proofed this spreadsheet is, the quicker process will go.
  23. Do not trust screen reviews. If your proofs are coming digitally, don't review on your iphone or computer screen. Take the time to print out a physical copy and carefully read it. You don't want to have a careless spelling error go unnoticed before press. It is also not the printer and/or the designer's responsibility to catch these errors and you will be charged for a reprint. 
  24. 25 Best Wedding Paper Tips! 2014 Edition
  25. Don't forget to have signage created if you'd like guests to share your photos in real time through apps (i.e. Instagram).
  26. Think about having your menus or invitations done with a die-cut or a laser cut...
  27. Be careful when sending invitations that are oblong... Invitations going inside of #10 (commercial sized) envelopes that are rigid will likely be considered parcel and will need more than the 2 oz. stamp. Machinable/automated mail at this size must be able to bend.
  28. Be sure to select the proper adhesive for your D.I.Y. wedding projects.
  29. Do not forgo the return address on your save the dates... This is your most important mailing. A return address will help solidify/finalize your invitation list. You will be able to update addresses, etc.

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