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24 Kw Combi Feresay Ferrroli Hermetik Boiler

By Futli @futlim

Feresay Ferrroli Hermetik Combi Boilers Prices 445 £

General Features

• 24 kW capacity decisions,
• Hermetic
• to use the ability, natural gas or LPG,
• Advanced safety systems with the highest safety standards,
• Solar collector with integrated operation
• Central heating and hot water prepares bithermal (integrated) copper heat exchanger,
• Stainless steel burners
• Wide modulation range, combined with a gas valve,
• adjustable needed after installation, with a level of three speed circulating pump,
• Electronic ignition and intelligent fault diagnosis system,
• Use water, comfort mode, with the ability to get hot water faster,
• Three-star comfort, service water,
• Silent operation
• Low NOx and CO emission rates,
•Modulating room thermostat, programmable thermostat
• Ability to connect with the remote.

2 year warranty.

24 kw Combi Feresay Ferrroli Hermetik Boiler

Fereasy Combi Boiler ferroli

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