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2016 Watched List Part 16

By Newguy

2016 Watched List

I did a watched list last year and now I have decided to make a slight twist on it all, I will continue to do a list of the order I watched them all but I will also rank the 10 films from worst to best. So here is the list, what do you think and how do you rate this films.

Here is 151 – 160

1.   Firewall

2.   Legion

3.   A Beautiful Mind

4.   Divergent: Allegiant

5.   The Final Girls

6.   Jason X

7.   Deadpool

8.   10 Cloverfield Lane

9.   12 Round 3 Lockdown

10.   Extinction

This is how I rate these films from worst to best. I have decided not to include the third watching of Deadpool so this will just be top 9.

9) Divergent: Allegiant

Enough of these annoying films.
8) Legion
Easy to watch action horror with good effects.
7) Jason x
jason x
Guilty pleasure of mine, seen too many times.
6) Firewall
Good little heist film trying something different.
5) 12 Round 3 Lockdown
12 rounfds
 Simple action film that never really stops.
4) Extinction
Interesting spin on I am Legend that is a lot more interesting to watch.
3) The Final Girls
final girls
Brilliant horror comedy, a must watch for the horror fans out there.
2) 10 Cloverfield Lane
Smart psychological thriller that is in the same universe as Cloverfield only.
1) A Beautiful Mind
Stunning look at one of the greatest minds John Nash.

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