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2014 NFL Odds: Steelers Favored in 10 Games

By Kipper @pghsportsforum
2014 NFL odds: Steelers favored in 10 games
By Jeff.Hartman
2014 NFL odds: Steelers favored in 10 games
Vegas is already churning out their pre-season odds for every NFL game on the 2014 schedule, and according to Vegas the Steelers are going to rebound from the past two seasons.
Some people don't put much stock into what Las Vegas has to say in terms of any type of athletic competition. However, if you watch closely, they are rarely wrong. In this case, the oddsmakers have spoken in terms of what kind of season to expect for the 2014 Pittsburgh Steelers.
Oddsmakers from CG Technology, which operate multiple sports books, have the Steelers favored to win 10 of their 16 games in the upcoming season. Those 10 games are as follows: Cleveland (-5), Tampa Bay (-3), at Jacksonville (-6.5), Houston (-3.5), Indianapolis (-2), Baltimore (-2.5), at NY Jets (-2), at Tennessee (-2), New Orleans (-2.5) and Kansas City (-1.5).

Before you go running to your local bookie and place your bets on the Steelers to win all of these games and to go to the Super Bowl, notice the largest point spread is a trip to Jacksonville where the Steelers are giving 6.5 points. Not even a touchdown differential. Vegas sees them as winners, but not blowing anyone out of the water.
Say what you want in regards to the odds, but Vegas sees the Steelers as an improving team for these odds to be put out this way. The Steelers and Detroit Lions were the only two teams that didn't finish 2013 with a winning record and are favored to win 10 or more games in 2014.
Obviously these numbers will change as the year progresses, but as of right now the Steelers are a team "on the come" as Mike Tomlin would say, and for a team coming off back to back mediocre season they will take all the good "mojo" they can get.

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