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By Malin
2013/11/042013/11/04Hello world! Sitting here by the computer - listening to The End Of The World by Skeeter Davis on repeat. Thinking about those darn packages that couldn't arrive in time. My sister and I took advantage of E.l.f.s 50% offer last weekend and gosh darn it, it couldn't arrive in time. Last night my boyfriend and I took the train back to his apartment, now I'll have to wait weeks before getting my hands on my stuff which I dislike very much. Grr. I'm also waiting on my package from iHerb to arrive, wont be getting my hands on that either for a while.. Sucks. Anyways, I'm scooping the internet for inspiration on how to decorate the apartment because in about a day it's off to IKEA. Hurrah! I am also reading a bunch of reviews at the moment - about a brand called Juice Beauty. Dying to try out this brand. Seriously. Iwanttotryitbecausetheysoundsogoodandtheyareorganic. There are a bunch of products I would want to try, but they are a bit on the expensive side unfortunately, so I won't be able to try everything. I believe I will have to keep some of their products on this years christmas wishlist. Have you tried any of the Juice Beauty products - if so, what did you think?

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