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2013 Steelers Revamped

By Kipper @pghsportsforum
I am only stating the obvious, which many others have voiced prior to this season, but here it is again.
1. Say goodbye Lefty and Charlie, we need real backups.
2. Say goodbye slow footed Larry Foote, DL you can't let loyalty get in the way.
3. Say goodbye Troy, to be so unhealthy at a young age, even in football. Don't need you on the sideline, you do nothing there for us.
4. you think about the best discount you can afford if you want to be around, and that isn't a guarantee.
5. Mike Wallace see 4. above. How does one with such promise suddenly just drop so many balls?
6. Goodbye Jerhico Cotchery, thanks for the stint.
7. Goodbye Ryan Munday...nuff said.
8. Goodbye Casey Hampton, thanks for the memories.
Harrison may have a year left, his performance levels have dropped dramtically.
Love Ryan Clark, not sure how long he can last hitting hard like he does.
Would be nice if they can squezze another year out of Keisel. Gotta love that guy.
Redman needs to turn how to the light on and keep it on consistently.
2013 draft should be all about doubt. Safetys, DL, LB.

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