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2012 - Top Blog Posts of Performance Lead Marketing

Posted on the 31 December 2012 by Peterjbell @fuselead
Here is a little round-up to share of the most popular posts by page-view of
  1. UK Exclusive - Google Affiliate Network is here - So far, it's hard to tell what impact (if any) it has had on the affiliate market?
  2. Google Lead Generation - Sign-Ups from the search results page rather than click traffic - One to watch and was the inspiration for this Econsultancy article by Justin Rees asking Is Google selling Leads in the UK
  3. Lead Generation Marketing: Time for ROI to kill off CPA - Short-term CPA obsessions are clouding marketers long-term ROI views
  4. Don't Marry Your Leads - Get Engaged First - Don't sell to a prospect with one foot in the door!
  5. PPC Advertising is Dead... - Search is becoming more display, maps, video and data collection driven which means new search advertising models are springing up. Yahoo recently launched cost per lead (CPL) search
  6. Performance Agency v's Performance Network - Agency's do Network's, like Network's do Agency's. The lines are becoming blurred as network trading platforms and agency planning and media services become common to both sectors.
What a difference a year makes and wonder what digital delights 2013 will bring us.
Happy New Year

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