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2012 Olympic Uniform Fashion Contest I

By Expanishargentina @expanish

Only 8 days to go for the London Olympics Games, the delegation groups of different countries have started a Uniform Fashion War of opening ceremony and village wears that are designed by some Big-name fashion stars. The designer tried hard to combine their countries’ identity, stylish cuttings and also the spirit of the Olympic Games.


Best Sports: Boxing, Field Hockey, Basketball, Sailing and Soccer

Medal Total: 66

Total Games Appearances: 23

Argentina uniform 2 300x200 2012 Olympic Uniform Fashion Contest I

The uniform of Argentina comes from the idea of the yellow Sun of May on the national flag. Months ago, one argentine legislator suggested that on the logo of athlete’s sportswear should carry the message ‘Las Malvinas son Argentinas’ (The Falklands are Argentine). With the Internaional Olympic Committee’s rule, the proposal failed and Cristina said with the pride and honor, the argentines will not use the games as a political platform.


Best Sports: Athletics, Swimming and Cycling

Medal total :432

Total Games Appearances: 26

Austrilia 300x224 2012 Olympic Uniform Fashion Contest I

Australia’s athletes will wear a green blazer over white Oxford shirt, paired with white pants or a skirt, the uniform was designed by Daniel Bracken in SportsCraft.


Best Sports: Volleyball, Judo, Sailing, Athletics

Medal Total: 91

Total Games Appearances: 20

 2012 Olympic Uniform Fashion Contest I

The athletes from Brazil will present themselves with the famous yellow and green shirt with stripes on the sleeves.


Best Sports: Athletics, Cycling, Sailing, Swimming, Rowing

Medal Total: 719

Total Games Appearances: Britain has entered all 26 Olympic Games.

british uniform unveiling a l 300x168 2012 Olympic Uniform Fashion Contest I

As the host country,England invited Stella McCartney to design their uniforms. She was inspired by the Union flag and also added a more ‘modern’ feel to the sportswear. However, many people were not happy with the fact that Stella took out the red off their flag, and criticized her changed the national colors.


Best Sports: Athletics, Canoeing, Swimming

Medal Total: 254

Total Games Appearances: 24

canada BEST 300x200 2012 Olympic Uniform Fashion Contest I

The collection of the Canadian Olympic wear represents the great outdoors and summer in Canada with denim jackets; it is made up of strong national symbol: Maple Leaf.


Best Sports: Diving, Gymnastics, Table Tennis, Weightlifting and shooting

Medals Total: 392

Total Games Appearances: 8

 2012 Olympic Uniform Fashion Contest I

The uniform of Last Olympic’s host country China, keeps the Chinese Red elements and use a new digital control system to reveal the freshness of the color.

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