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2012 - My Year of Reading

By Justwrite @must_write

The last two months have shown an incredible spike in the page views this blog has been getting. I haven’t blogged anything new in the last two months so I can only assume that Google has found me or that through you good people reading and sharing I’m getting some pretty good backlinks.
Anyway, in honor of this increase and to show people I am still indeed alive and kicking (well, kicking back anyway, I’m on leave) I thought I would end the year with a bit of a list of some of the books I have enjoyed in 2012.
I read some amazing fiction this year - 31 titles in total - but my top ten were:
2012 - My Year of ReadingNine Days by Toni Jordan.White Horse by Alex Adams.
Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro.
Past the Shallows by Favel Parrett.
The Wrong Boy by Suzy Zail.
Revived by Cat Patrick.
Everything Beautiful by Simmone Howell.
House Rules by Jodi Picoult.
Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin.
The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce.
I also read a lot of poetry, a couple of biographies, a handful of writing reference and one self-help. All up I devoured 55 books total for the year which isn’t half bad. The best of the non-fiction were:
2012 - My Year of ReadingThe Road to the Dark Tower: Exploring King’s Magnum Opus by Bev Vincent.Haunted Heart: The Life and Times of Stephen King by Lisa Rogak.
Help! for Writers: 210 Solutions to the Problems Every Writer Faces by Roy Peter Clark.
Wannabe a Writer by Jane Wenham-Jones.
Tamam Shud: The Somerton Man Mysteryby KerryGreenwood.
Well, that’s it! Why not get along to your local library and borrow some of these to read over the summer? If you do, come back and leave me a comment to tell me what you thought.
No matter how you spend this holiday season I wish you a wonderful time with good food, family and friends and all the best for a happy and safe 2013.

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