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2019 - My Year of Reading

By Justwrite @must_write
The reading goal I set for myself on Goodreads for 2019 was 50 books. It was a particularly tough year for me but I still managed 41 total.
My favourites for the year were:
2019 - My Year of ReadingThe Mountain between Us by Charles Martin. I noted that I thought this book deserved more than 5 stars. I was particularly disappointed by the movie to tell the truth.
2019 - My Year of ReadingThe Colour of Bee Larkham's Murder by Sarah J Harris. I loved the author's depiction of Jasper, a truly neurodivergent protagonist.
This was the year I finally read The Live Ship Traders trilogy by Robin Hobb. As with everything I have read to date by this author, these books were brilliant.
I also read Girl Running, Boy Falling by Tasmanian writer Kate Gordon. This story was sweet, and a little bit heartbreaking.
2019 - My Year of ReadingThe stand out non-fiction title for me this year was Neurotribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity by Steve Silberman. The research into the history and background of the evolution of autism as we know it today is extensive, and at times horrifying. So glad the world and our understanding of brain differences has evolved since those dark times.
2019 - My Year of Reading
As for poetry - you knew there'd be poetry, right? - this is the year I fully fell in love with the work of Andrea Gibson. I first encountered their spoken word performances on YouTube and was blown away. I bought all of their collections for my home library. My favorite by far was Pansy, but recent publication Lord of the Butterflies was pretty special too. In fact you can now watch a full length tour performance on Button Poetry (YouTube). Check it out!

I am disappointed in myself for neglecting to update this blog for so long.
All I can say is that I go through periods of stagnation where the things I want to do, or feel I should do, get left by the side of the road like unwieldily baggage that I just can't carry any longer. I am perpetualy optimistic though, and retrace my steps to collect them and dust them off and see if there's anything worth salvaging.
As for 2020... well, what can we say? I am trying to keep up with my yearly reading challenge, and I'm looking after my mental health by spending time doing art. Playing with paints and stencils and collage has become my happy place. Colour has always been that space. I experiment. I fill the room with music, and all is good in the world... well, it helps.
Take care of yourselves.

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