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2011′s True Blood Naughty & Nice List

Posted on the 20 December 2011 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

Think you’ve been a good Eric & Sookie Lover this year? *nods head* Of course, you have!

Think Eric and Sookie have been good too? Well, we’ll get into that later! ;)

True Blood – Wetpaint posted their True Blood 2011 Naughty & Nice List! Great news is…both Eric and Sookie made the list – as being naughty – which is nice to see them in the same category!

Here are their picks on their Naughty & Nice List!


1. Eric Northman: Is anyone surprised by this? Didn’t think so. Eric is a great guy, but his habit of murdering randoms and feasting on their flesh isn’t exactly filling us with yuletide cheer. Eric’s recent crimes consist of killing Nan Flanagan (RIP, girl!) and de-friending his progeny, Pam. We hate to see these two partners in sex crimes on the outs!

2. Sam Merlotte: Look, we love Sam and his ever-prevailing stubble, but Santa just can’t get on board with someone who feeds their parents to alligators. Sure, it was a nice gesture that he threw some marshmallows into the mix, but it hardly counts as a proper burial for victims of patricide.

3. Debbie Pelt: Debbie might be splattered all over Sookie’s kitchen right now, but if we’ve learned one thing from True Blood, it’s that ghosts exist and they live in our stomachs. Debbie tried hard to earn Santa’s seal of approval when she quit V, but then she got a case of the jellies and blew Tara’s brains out. Someone’s getting a lump of ghost coal in their stocking.

4. Alcide Herveaux: This wolfy wonder has looks that kill and biceps that murder. No one liked Marcus and his meddling ways, but did he really deserve death by throat punch courtesy of Alcide’s rock hard fist? (Maybe.) Alcide has a heart of gold, but his ventures into serial killer-dom are frightening Santa’s elves.

5. Sookie Stackhouse: Sookie might look all sweet and innocent with her blonde locks and sundresses, but girlfriend is a heart-breaker. Eric and Bill are still crying all over each other’s muscular shoulders from their double breakup. We know Sookie’s had a bad year full of near death experiences and spray tans, but she won’t be getting a new pair of booty shorts under the Christmas tree, that’s for sure.


1. Andy Bellefluer: Ever since Andy wandered into the forest and fornicated up a storm with that random fairy and her E.T finger, he’s totally changed for the better. Andy’s quit V, stopped his booze-hounding ways — and it looks like he might even score a date with Holly. Then again, she was high when she sexy-hugged him, so he might be all alone under the mistletoe after all.

2. Luna: This sexy skin-walker is one of the only residents of Bon Temps who hasn’t brutally murdered someone. She’s sweet, fun, pretty and a public school teacher. Basically, she’s a perfect angel. Well, except for that time she left her kid all alone in the wilderness while she and Sam made sweet love in a tent.

3. Terry Bellefluer: Oh, Terry. When he’s not PTSD-ing all over the place, Terry is one of the sweetest gents in town. He loves Arlene with all his heart, and is determined to raise Baby Mickey like he’s his own. Plus, how can we resist a man who keeps an arsenal of weaponry hidden in a tree fort?

4. Arlene Fowler: Despite her numerous fashion crimes (camo velour should be illegal), Arlene is an angel dropped form heaven. She’s sweet, kind, loving, and her hair makes us thirsty for Tang — which we hear is so 2011’s milk and cookies.

5. Lafayette Reynolds: Despite his stint as a sex working drug dealer, Lafayette made it onto the nice list because of how much we pity him. Poor dude accidentally killed his boyfriend, got blood all over his kimono, and drained bodily fluids out of a dead hippie –– all for nothing. The least Santa can do is bring him a fresh pair of silk-satin pajamas this year. Leopard print, please.

Wish True Blood Wetpaint would get their facts straight. It was BILL who killed Nan, while Eric took care of the three guards. But I guess it might be considered naughty to drain Sookie’s fairy-godmother, Claudine…or when Eric ripped out Roy’s heart and drank from it like a straw, as if taunting Marnie and the witches.

2011′s True Blood Naughty & Nice List

Sookie deserves to be on the naughty list too. She did some naughty things with Eric during numerous rounds of making love. (In the woods, in the foyer…doggy style, etc. You get the drift.)

Noticeably absent is; Queen King Bill! Don’t know why he wouldn’t be included – since he slept with both his spy and his great-great-great (?) granddaughter, Portia Bellefleur.

2011′s True Blood Naughty & Nice List

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The latter is considered incest, which is naughty in my books. And WTF is he doing to her mouth in this picture? Is this the dentist’s version of playing doctor?

What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree with this list? Share your thoughts below!

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