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2011/2012 EPL Jersey Leaks

By Thetoaststaff
The end of the Premier League football season brings with it two revelatory phenomena: transfer speculation and jersey leaks. These two monsters take on a life of their own as the action on the pitch begins to wane. The transfer market buzz hits its peak over the summer, but the jersey leaks are already in high gear. Here’s a look at what’s come out thus far (as well as a super scientifically-calculated 0 to 5 star rating system concocted in the Toast’s very own super scientific lab).*Oh, and before we get started, it’s important to note that these jerseys are not necessarily confirmed by the clubs as what they’ll be wearing for the 2011/2012 season - but there’s still a damn good chance you will see them come August.Arsenal:So I have actually run across three potential Arsenal kits for the 2012 season. Here is their classic red and white home strip:2011/2012 EPL Jersey Leaks3/5 Stars

This is pretty standard as far as Arsenal home kits go.  The red body and white sleeve combination debuted with the Gunners in 1933 and has been used almost every year since.  Personally, I see this as a downgrade to what they have now, but I imagine it will be a popular, classic look with the Arsenal supporters.  These next two are their purported away kits: 2011/2012 EPL Jersey Leaks-2/5 Stars

2011/2012 EPL Jersey Leaks7/5 Stars

Arsenal fans around the world: grab hands and pray to whatever deity you see fit that it's not the first one.  They may as well throw in a Bozo the Clown wig if they're going to tramp around in these laughably hideous kits.  Now the second jersey, on the other hand, may very well be the best looking shirt to come about in the EPL in the last five-or-so years.  The only problem is the crest (and I mean that in a totally biased, anti-Arsenal kind of way).    Chelsea: The 2011/2012 home Chelsea leak is a mixed bag: 

2011/2012 EPL Jersey Leaks
3/5 StarsOn the one hand, there's the ghost stripes across the body.  I've always been a big fan of subtle stripery.  But on the other hand, you have this really strange looking white background to set off the blue Adidas shoulder stripes down the sleeves.  I get that there is only so much you can do with a two-tone color scheme (and that they're forced to put those tacky Adidas stripes down the shoulders), but I think they were definitely off when it comes to the top half of this kit.  I mildly applaud them for their feeble attempt at change.  Chelsea has worn the same blue top, blue short combination every single year since 1964 - and it's still boring.  Liverpool: As many of you know by now, I hate to give Liverpool credit for anything.  Ever.  But I have to say, if this is their new away kit, I think they definitely could have done worse (try to ignore Suarez's ugly mug):
2011/2012 EPL Jersey Leaks
4/5 StarsI've always been a fan of the black shirt, black shorts combination, it's true, but I think they did an excellent job with the red stripes and piping on top of everything else.  The material of the shirt itself looks a little shiny for my taste, but as long as these joints don't come out satin I think Liverpool fans wil be satisfied.  Newcastle: Huge, HUGE fan of the 2011/2012 leaked home Newcastle kit: 
2011/2012 EPL Jersey Leaks
5/5 StarsPuma came back with a very nice variation of the classic black and white stripe Newcastle trademark (first seen in 1894).  I personally like the black piping around the sleeves along with the thick, double white stripe down the body.  That's all that I have for you now.  Jersey-watch '11 may be an increasingly popular segment as summer approaches, however, so be sure to check back.  And feel free to share your thoughts on the jerseys above, especially if we disagree.  Really especially if you happen to like the Arsenal clown costume.  - Zach     


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