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2011/12 EPL Kit Leaks

By Thetoaststaff
2011/12 Aston Villa Home/Away

4/5 Stars

I like this new Aston Villa design a lot. I can't seem to remember too many checkerboard designs on any other kit except for the famous Croatia National team jersey. Unlike, the Croatia jersey, the Aston Villa shirt uses the checkerboard design in a much more understated way. Add to that Nike using the simple crew neck template they have adopted over the past couple of years. I like the away a tad better because of the cleanliness of not having stay with the tradition of the blue sleeves that Villa wears on the Home kit.
Manchester City 2011/12 Home

2/5 Stars

If this is indeed going to be the home shirt for City, then they have taken a step back. The last two City home shirts have been more than solid and have really made me forget about the Le Coq Sportif shirts they wore in the past. I just don't think this shirt has the understated classiness of the last two City shirts. I don't like the darker shade of blue used and the mesh or perforations used as the material design element. Then to top it off they add that little checkerboard pattern to the collar which just does not work here.
2011/12 Liverpool 3rd

2.5/5 Stars
This Liverpool shirt is just average to me. There is nothing really all that spectacular about it, but it's not that bad so thus the middle of the road score. Unlike my colleague Zach, I don't have that much of a problem with the 3 stripes used on every adidas shirt. There have been some very nice adidas designs that used the 3 stripes so that is not my problem with the kit. I actually do like the cyan blue color on this shirt, I just don't particular love the template used here. The little diagonal line going from the neck to the armpit really just doesn't do it for me and I am not in love with collar in general. I find it interesting that Liverpool decided to implement some blue in their shirt. I have no idea when the last time a Liverpool shirt included blue as a prominent color.

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