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2011 What Worked, What Didn’t

By Janehspark

2011 What Worked, What Didn’t

Today we kicked off 2011 at Julep with a session on “what worked, what didn’t” in 2011. I think this is important to keep ourselves accountable, to acknowledge what we’re not going to do again, and give ourselves credit for what we’ve figured out. This exercise made me think about “what worked, and what didn’t” for my fashion and beauty routine in 2011.

What worked in 2011:

  • Revitalash! And fiber mascara. I ended the year with eyelashes that are 1.5X longer than 2010.
  • Primer. How did I live 40 years without it? I resisted it for so long because who needs an additional step? Turns out we all do to make makeup all day, looking vibrant.
  • Gel eyeliner. Bold lines, no running, ‘nuff said.
  • Taking care of my cuticles. Using cuticle oil every day and peptide serum at night when my cuticles are ragged has transformed my hands. I now have spring hands, even in the heart of winter.
  • Giving up control. Let a sister, a colleague, a sales associate pick something for you once in a while and try to stay open-minded. • Platforms at least one inch! Height that can last all day long.

What didn’t:

  • Buying clothes thinking that only look good with multiple sets of Spanx.
  • Buttercream soft leather purse. Yummy to look at, but sadly splotchy after just one use. 
  • Staying up worrying.

Happy 2012!

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