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2011 Mitsubishi RVR

Posted on the 16 May 2012 by Jojobegu
Mitsubishi Engines Organization declared that its all-new light and portable cross-over Mitsubishi RVR went on sale throughout Asia from Feb 17, 2010. The Mitsubishi RVR is an perfect light and portable cross-over which defines superior utility and running performance, excellent ecological performance (all designs be eligible for a the Japoneses home eco-car tax reduction), and a enhanced indoor and outdoor in a light and portable at an accessible price (¥1,785,000 ~ ¥2,449,650, intake tax included).
2011 Mitsubishi RVRMitsubishi RVR 
The new Mitsubishi RVR provides excellent petrol performance from its light and portable, light and portable body. With the spectacular field of view of an SUV, the Mitsubishi RVR is easy to drive and provides turn-on-a-dime ability to move. The automobile is the perfect light and portable cross-over, with adequate baggage space for every application from daily generating to enjoyment trips.
The energy train includes a 1.8-liter, 16-valve DOHC MIVEC engine with an INVECS-III sport function 6-speed CVT. The automobile features a restorative stopping mechanism (high-efficiency energy generation control), energy guiding, improved the rules of aerodynamics and other low-fuel intake technological innovation down to information, leading to a 75% decrease from the Japoneses FY 2005 pollutants gas requirements and exceeding beyond the FY 2010 petrol performance requirements by 15%. All designs be eligible for a the Japoneses eco-car tax decrease (50% tax decrease to advertise the popularization of environmentally-friendly cars).
2011 Mitsubishi RVRMitsubishi RVR
The Mitsubishi RVR also features super-wide HID front lights which provide a large, ultra-bright stream for safe evening generating, a spectacular glass roof (with LED illumination) for a sense of space during the day and a romantic atmosphere in the evening, and push-button key. The automobile has a enhanced and fantastic internal with a dark colored program, silver best parts, and sleek, soft cushioning.
The Mitsubishi RVR is equipped with an advanced in-car enjoyment along with a terrestrial digital TV receiver HDD routing program and a "link system" with USB, Wireless and other relationships for music players and other exterior devices.
"Jet fighter" grill, the design identification of Mitsubishi Engines, on the top side cover up.
Sporty, powerful exterior lines and a bending roof line with excellent the rules of aerodynamics considering front side, side and back move reduction, to communicate a powerful outline.
2011 Mitsubishi RVRMitsubishi RVR 
LED braking mechanism lights at the back which provide excellent exposure.
Available in eight body system colours such as two new colours "Titanium Metal Gray" and "Kawasemi Metal Blue," which appears like the gorgeous pink down of the kingfisher (kawasemi in Japanese).
Comfortable traveler internal using sleek, soft cushioning, capable material, and a fantastic appearance with silver best parts highlighting the black keynote color program.
Elegance with plating on the gearshift shape and a genuine leather-trimmed rim and gearshift handle.
Compact body system with a total length of 4,295mm; excellent appearance presenting a spectacular field of view for easy travel around town.
Comfortable internal space and excellent balance from the 2,670 mm-long rim base.
2011 Mitsubishi RVRMitsubishi RVR 
4WD System
The 4WD designs embrace the digitally managed 4WD program also used for the Outlander and the Delica D:5 that tailors grip management to the top side and back tires to go with generating circumstances, where a selector gives the car owner the option of three generating ways (2WD, 4WD AUTO and 4WD LOCK).
Automobile Management Technologies
Active Balance Management (ASC) is conventional devices on all 4WD designs (and a manufacturer choice on 2WD models). ASC can handle vehicle stability by discovering vehicle conditions and generating functions based on data from all types of receptors and Digital Management Units (ECUs), and applying stopping pressure and managing engine twisting as appropriate to prevent skidding and volatile activity as a result of rapid guiding or loss of grip on slick materials.
2011 Mitsubishi RVRMitsubishi RVR 
Hill Start Assistance (HSA), searching for parking stopping mechanism which finds mountain and stops your vehicle from backsliding when starting on an mountain, is conventional devices on all 4WD designs (and a manufacturer choice on 2WD models).
Vehicles are equipped with cruise control for freeway generating.
System & Chassis
For low petrol intake, the Mitsubishi RVR switches into column power steering (EPS), LED brake lights, and tires which balance low petrol intake and great performance: 215/60R17 tires on 17-inch aluminum tires for "G" decrease stages and 215/65R16 tires on 16-inch steel tires with full wheel covers for "M" and "E" decrease stages.
The high-flexibility, highly resilient front side fenders improve shock resistance and decrease weight.
MacPherson strut front side revocation and multi-link rear revocation.
Safety Equipment
Super-wide HID front lighting which provide a large, ultra-bright stream for safe night driving.
Adjustable force-limiter seatbelts to decrease the effect on travelers in case of effect. SRS joint safety bags for the car owner chair which prevent injury to the lower belly is conventional devices on all designs. Side and layer safety bags are available as a manufacturer option.
2011 Mitsubishi RVR Mitsubishi RVR
Emergency Stop Indication Program (ESS) as conventional devices on all designs. The ESS instantly blinks the threat lighting upon rapid stopping or function of the Anti-lock Braking Program (ABS), to notify following individuals.
Mitsubishi Motors' exclusive Digital Time and Security Control Program (ETACS), which can personalize various electronic systems in line with client choices, as conventional devices on all decrease levels.

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